1. S>Latale papaya ac lv2000+

    Lv 2000+ 8 Character (1empty slot) #6char lv 235 For more informations or item and pets etc. Add me on discord ZOLDY#0718
  2. Selling  Latale W Account 7x

    Hello, I'm selling my account for the mobile version Latale W. The character is lvl 7X and has a tradeable LR pet as well as nice UR equip like weapon, armor, headgear as well as a pair of gloves. (3 of them are tradeable too) I'm asking 50 EUR for it.
  3. Selling  220 OP Account

    Greetings, I don't have time to play LT anymore. I'm selling an account with a lv220 character (top 5). The character has very strong armor (many lv17 +4 pieces), trio asagura, duo gems, 15b ely in bank, MAXED inventory and bank, 20 mutations, nearly all cards/codex, all necessary pets. It also...
  4. Selling  selling latale account lv199

    hello, I have an latale account and wanted to sell it. I have been playing this for yrs. LV 199 attack 884-904 defense 8917. strength 6832. stamina 5894. magic 5245. luck 8010. HP 74416 SP 20637. ask me for more details. [email protected]
  5. Selling  Latale Account [Magic User]

    I am selling a LaTale Account mostly with magic classes. The classes are Minstrel [16x] & Maestro [15x], Elemental Master [15x], no subs yet. Those two are the highest level in this account. The other characters are much lower levels, a knight, and a 15x Meister [forgot the class after meister]...
  6. Selling  S> LaTale Account

    I've been playing LaTale for a very long time now and decided to sell off my account. The account has a Level 196 BladeMaster/189-191 Sword Dancer (Forgot). Lv 19x Hero/18x HighLander. Level 17x Ruin Walker/15x Rogue Master. Lv 7x Templar. Lv 14x Duelist. Lv 5x Warlord. The BladeMaster can solo...