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#koyanskaya of darkness

  1. Selling  [NA] 21 SSR Koyan / Godjuna / Castoria / Sp Ishtar + Zerksashi and more

    It's my personal account. I didn't get Oberon and I would like to sell it. - 21 SSR, and 23 counting np levels (Karna and Castoria NP2). - Supports : Koyan, Casto, Merlin, Waver, Tamamo - SSR : Godjuna, Space Ishtar, Zerksashi, Caren, Gilgamesh, Karna, Scathach, etc - CE : Black grail (2)...
  2. BUSTERMETA,Koyan light and dark, np2kulkulkan,tiamat,merlin,still in solomon

  3. SOLD  Jp acc 42 ssr.

    I'm selling my account because I'm tired of the game. I will attach screenshots below, or write to Discord Klaim51#5600. Price 75$. Payment method PayPal or Revolut.
  4. Selling  Selling fgo jp 9xSSR for 15$ np2 koyanskaya of darkness, koyanskaya of light

    Hii! Im selling fgo JP account because I need money for a gift for friend xD 9xSSR Koyanskaya of Darkness NP2 Koyanskaya of Light Bazett Arjuna Alter Waver Enkidu Ereshkigal Iskander Osakabehime + some SR Current story: Olympus Price: 15 usd Payment via paypal Message me here or on discord if...