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  1. Looking for a high tier skins (Especially Knife) 7.5K Budget

    Now that Cs 2 is almost out I need to revive my inventory Looking to buy a knife, gloves (if good float/fit with knife), and play skins for Ak, M4, Op, Deagle etc. Discord: Crxnge_#5715 Budget is around 7.5k but can be redecided if its a good deal.
  2. SOLD  10.275 Vp Worth, 2 Knives (Val Go, Forsaken), Gp Vandal Max, Bp Songsteel Max+

    #ACCOUNT STATS Region: Asia/Oceania/SEA Rank: Gold 2 Level: 103 #INVENTORY Valorant Go! Vol. 1 Knife Max Forsaken Knife Max Glitchpop Vandal Max Battlepass Episode 02: FORMATION: Act 3 Max (BP Songsteel) All Agents Unlocked (Max: Viper, Yoru, Astra, Kay/O, Neon) Diamond Buddy Platinum Buddy...