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king's raid lot of resources

  1. SOLD  KR Asia End Game , All content cleared, mostly autoable With 17 A2 only 50$

    Server Asia Account Bind (Gmail) Hero List : Kasel A2 20(UW *5/UT *5) Gremory A2 20(UW *5/UT *5) Lucikiel A2 20(UW *5/UT *5) Yanne A219 (UW *5/UT *5) Hanus A2 20(UW *4/UT *5) Fallen Frey A2 17(UW *5/UT *5) Isaiah A2 20(UW *5/UT *5) Laias A2 19(UW *5/UT *1) May A2 13(UW *3/UT *5) Shea A2 17(UW...
  2. SOLD  Flash sale mid game with a lots of resources only 30$

    11 A2 6 A220 Gremory A220 *10 Kasel A220 *10 Lorraine A220 *10 Annette A220 Uw *5 Seria A220 *10 Valance A220 Uw *4 Ut *5 Cosu legend : Yanne, Jane Alots of resource Item TF : 1 Uw Upto isolet, 4 UT shakmeh, 1uw shakmeh, 1 Uw upto isaiah, 2 ut Upto isaiah SW TF : 1shakmeh, 3 upto isaiah 6...