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kanna farming

  1. Selling  Reboot NA/EU šŸ„‡ Mesos Farming | Price $2.5/hr Promo

    I PROVIDE A LEGITIMATE SERVICE, EVERYTHING IS HAND MADE. I offer you a quality service I can stream the entire time the service lasts. so you can verify that we do not use macros or bots. ā­ MESOS FARMING ā­ Req. Lvl 245 One shot Mesos Obtained 1244% With pet vac 400m/hr clean 450m-650m/hr...
  2. Selling  šŸ’„| Meso Farming | Legion Training | Cheap | Hyper B I No bots I Events

    DISCORD: vitaozkl2 Email: [email protected] This is a one-stop shop for all your Maplestory needs. All powerleveling will be done by hand, without use of bannable macros and bots. This is a legitimate leveling...