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  1. Selling  Infestation New Z Skins FOR SALE

    I have 6 new skins to sell. FN Scar Iron skin IMI TAR FUSION SKIN SVD RED TIGER SKIN Custom Guerilla Vest Abstract SKIN K.Style fairy tale helmet P90 INDY Skin MAKE ME A OFFER FOR ALL 6 SKINS. I accept PayPal payment Its a first come first serve deal.

  3. Selling  Selling NEW Z Snipers and Requested Items

    Hey everyone, I was recently laid off and have a lot of time on my hands so I figured I may as well make some cash doing something I love. If there is anything you want that isn't on my list just ask as I'm sure I have it. I will give 10 free loaded AR's of your choosing to the first 3 customers...
  4. Selling  Selling Account TheNewZ with a lot of stuff !!

    Hello, I sell My account NewZ 4 chars are hardened My stuff : 42 Imi=tar 225 steyr aug 105 Honey 77 Sig sauer 204 M4A1 34 L85 35 Red stalker 2 M107 1Mauser desert 1 FN Fal 2 AMR2 1 AWM 1 M200 1 Blaser 100 custom +100 kstyle NVG 30 000 DX 1000 riots 600 GC ( =1 premium 1 month= 3euros )...
  5. Selling  Worth 102$, Price 30$ (Call of Duty Black Ops, Infestation)

    Game include: Call of Duty Black Ops (Multiplayer, campaign, zombies) 39.99$ Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic 19.99 Twin Sector 4.99$ Solar Flux 9.99$ ShipLord 7.99$ QuestRun 8.99$ Particula 0.50$ Monster Truck Destruction 4.99$ Heaven Island - VR MMO 0.99$ Endorlight 2.99$...
  6. Selling  INFESTATION WORLD LOOT [Secure] [Fast]