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  1. SOLD  Gw2+hot account with 5 legendaries ( e.g. Eternity) war main

    Selling Guild Wars 2 Account with 4 lvl 80 Characters (3x Warrior 1x Guardian). Account is located in EU: Seafarers Rest. My main, one of the warrios, has FULL ASCENDEND GEAR (berserk armor/accessories). I have 5 Legendaries: -2x Frostfang -1x Eternity (so Twilight and Sunrise skins are...
  2. Selling  Legendary Warhorn - Howler (US Server) here & P.A also

    Hello guys, I'm here to sell Guild Wars 2 Legendary Weapon. Legendary Warhorn - Howler for $240 USD I also sell on Player Auction LINK HERE accepting paypal, or through the player auction itself. If there is something you wanna ask, please PM. Thank you