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  1. V

    Selling  Khux jp - selling account with many ex-medals & more! (includes kairi ex!)

    I'm quitting KHUX JP as of today, and I'm willing to tell my account for a moderately cheap of a price. I have a lot of medals including multiple EX-medals and premium medals (Contact me for proof about them - I've got them to show at anytime!), I'm Level 354. I've got a couple of +35 Keyblades...
  2. A

    Selling  KHUx JP Account, max level, AP, etc. Fair few premiums. Top ranking

    Hello, I'm looking to sell my KHUx JP account. Obviously, this is for the Japanese version of the game ONLY. I am currently level 300, AP is maxed at 198, 473 Burst, and more listed below. This account is a top account that is currently on Vulpes union, easily stay in the top 600 ranking for...
  3. B

    Serious Gamer KHUX NA account for sale

    If you are looking to get into this addicting game or ready to move to the next level, my account can accomplish all your desires. I played this game for 4 months and I spent a lot of energy and money in it. ANY mission that will come up, you will be able to clear it with my medals...
  4. ToraNg

    Selling  Acc & Farming (Senkaimon,Potions IZ,Droplet,Brushes ExCoop) 4 years Trusted

    Any Characters Any combination★both server★trusted,above 4000 accs sold Update: January, 16, 2019 Still taking FARMING EXCOOP slots on Seat3 & Seat7. Climb Senkaimon tower 1+2. Time to stock up some brushes guys ;) https://www.facebook.com/orbsbbs/posts/342351369686592 Beside fresh accounts...
  5. O

    Trading  WTB OCSP 'Kommandant' Diamonds

    So I've been looking around for an OCSP 'Kommandant' Diamonds for a long time now and no luck. If you have an OCSP Diamonds, please add me on APB, Skype or Steam (links below) and we can sort out a trade. I have a lot of legendaries to trade with. I have no problem trading with one of the...