gow t4

  1. Argus *K244) 145m acc for sale

    Argus K244 145m account easy upgradable to over 200/250m 840k+ gold VIP 9 soon VIP 10 75 x VIP 1 DAY 102 x VIP 7 day 1 x VIP 30 Days Near 2 years of VIP 353 x Daily Chance !! 320 x Alliance Chance !! 80 x Random Teleport 50 x Advanced Teleport 4 x Epic Teleport ! 25 x 3 day speeds 4 x...
  2. Selling  381M research power!!! K:80 Individual gift lvl 81

    381M research power!!! K:80 Individual gift lvl 81 300$ (paypal,bank transfer) Research: March - 40% Crafting - 95% Restorative - 100% Hero - 100% Combat - 100% Strategic combat - 100% Wall traps - 100% Strategic wall traps - 100% Economics - 100% VIP Prestige 12lvl !!! Open 4 gem slots ...
  3. Selling  WTS Game of War account - READ WHAT IT HAS!! Lots of Pics

    Taking Best offer. Everything you need and worth a lot.
  4. 1.08b account in k24 for sale £600

    1.085b (30 day shield on) 36m troop total. 1m t4. Rest t3 Research 153.7m Troop 895m Rss Ore 915k p/h.. Holds 11m. Total in day 22m Silver 1m p/h. Holds 6.5m. Total 24m (I'm still building these up not yet maxed) This has very rare mats and gems (the kind you need to pay for) and items built...
  5. Selling  All T4 unlocked, 300k gold, 790 days in speeds + 3 silver/hyperfarms

    9 month old Kingdom 300k gold 790+ days is speeds 12 30-day 100 3-day 380m total power 230m research power - good base power 4m T3 troops 500,000 T4 troops Full legendary reg. research gear set with a relic or two Good Construction set if you want to change buildings Good Monster-killing...
  6. GOW k 152 carcosa for sale

    selling account 574 mil power, around 11 bil unopened rss packs thousands of core chests only 57k gold. tons of research 10.8 mil troops mix between t3, t4 great attack and research gear account set up for troop training and attacking not for rallies but train enough t1, t2 and could take...
  7. Buying  Looking

    Looking to buy account in Hurley #384 [email protected]
  8. Selling  GOW 310M power T4 Unlocked 9M troops 1M T4 $200

    Wanted to sell my account in K252 VIP prestige 9 Individual gift level 20 9 mil troops (1 million T4 regs) Asking $200 Hmu for more details