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goku kaioken

  1. SOLD  Goku UI 7* + Goku SSJ Kaioken Ultra + C17/18 + 10 LL

    Hi! I'm selling few New Goku UI Account, Feel Free to write me on Discord for more or just check here on Epic, Enjoy! ^^ Semi-Farmed Account / Tons of untouched/Fresh Events Ready. NEW GOKU SSJ KAIOKEN ULTRA 8*! NEW UI Goku LL 7* / NEW C17/18 LL 6* NEW Cell LL 3*+ and many more! PERFECT...
  2. Closed

    You wont find a Cheaper Endgame Acc in this Forum or Else Where and one with proof that this is My own acc and never got Transfered else where! ;) Price: 139€ Discord: Rnky#9541 I have Proof and Trust Picture to show you want you need and want that you can be sure that your Money is spend...