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gladiator mount wow character

  1. Selling Sinister Gladiator Paladin and Corrupted Gladiator Monk

    Hello, I am selling a rank 1 Corrupted Gladiator Monk and a Paladin with Sinister Gladiator Mount in bags if you are interested either msg me here or add my discord wtsr1glads#9304 Paladin: Monk: HIGH WARLORD Both with all tabards from Legion Season 2 to Shadowlands Season 4 Message with...
  2. SOLD  [Fake Name] Crimson Gladiator's Drake in the bags

    Willing to sell character (will be moved to new bnet which will have fake name (random letters, not John Wick or Albert Einstein etc.)) who has Dragonflight S1 Gladiator mount in the bag (with scroll). PayPal F&F / Crypto DM if interested.
  3. SOLD  Dragonflight S1 Gladiator Mount // Shadowlands S2+S3 Gladiator Mount

    Hello, I'm selling a character with the following mount(s) in bag: Crimson Gladiator's Drake (NO DRAGONRIDING APPEARANCE, ONLY THE MOUNT ITSELF!) Unchained Gladiator's Soul Eater Cosmic Gladiator's Soul Eater Price: 750€ negotiable Payment methods: PayPal, Stripe, Bank Transfer If you are...
  4. US - Gladiator Druid Character- 246 Ilvl / Unchained Soul Eater in Bags & More

    Druid Details: -> Item Level: 246 (257 PvP Ilvl); -> Renown: 80; -> Convenant: Necrolord -> Original Owner; Druid Armory: https://retail.safe-armory.com/en/character/61a04939987cd Notable Mounts: -> [Unchained Gladiator's Soul Eater]; Notable Achivements: -> [Unchained Gladiator's Soul...