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genshin impact yae miko

  1. Selling  Genshin Impact- NA AR 58- 20 Five Star Characters 10 Five Star Weapons

    Raiden BiS, Yae Miko BiS, Kazuha BiS, Xiao BiS R2 but can go to R3. OBO(or best offer) Discord: romixc - DM FOR INSTANT REPLY LINE UP: Kazuha, Yae Miko, Hu Tao, Itto, Eula, Raiden, Zhongli, Keqing(w skin), Jean(C1), Shenhe, Yelan, Mona, Qiqi(C2), Diluc(w skin), Xiao, Childe(C2), Ganyu, Ayaka...
  2. Selling  [Asia] Cyno + Yae Miko + Nilou + Keqing AR34 Rate On

    #WANT TO SELL Asia AR34 Rate on CYNO + YAE + NILOU + KEQING | Male MC Username + Email & Birthday set F2p no topup Price : $15 Discord : michiako#3222 Payment : Paypal
  3. Selling  Genshin Impact EU Account 13x5* [AR-56] Yae miko c0+bis, Ayaka c1 and more

    AR 56 account in EU for sale or even trade! I'm not the original owner i also bought this but i have found a better one so i want to sell it. 3k Primos. Characters: 5* Yae miko c0 - Lv 90 (Main dps) Nahida c0 - Lv 70 (can go to 80) Zhongli c0 - Lv 80 (Tank built) Ayaka c1 - Lv 90 Xiao c0 - Lv...
  4. Sells Genshin Impact AR 57 10*5 Character and 22 *4 Charscter with lvl 80

    10 *5 Character Include C2 Keqing, C1 Diluc, kaedehara kazuha, yae miko, hutao, klee, albedo, jean, C1 qiqi, aloy And almost all *4 Character exept Gorou (Geo) and most of them is lvl 80