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genshin impact $1000

  1. Buying  Genshin Impact Whale Accounts with all 5* characters & 5* weapons

    Hello, I'm currently buying Genshin Impact Whale accounts that has all the 5* characters and 5* weapons from the beta till now. I don't feel like spending too much time playing and grinding stuff like artifacts and items for evolving characters and weapons and plus I have a job and need to spend...
  2. SOLD  NA AR60, R5 Weapons & many C6 5 Stars day one Whale Account

    Haii, I’m Jay and I’m finally selling away my Genshin Account due to the fact i’m really done with the game & have no reason to really play it anymore, So I thought might as well Sell it for a great price. I only accept Crypto Currency, with a price listing of $4,100, we may negotiate the price...
  3. Selling  Ar 59 With 23 Characters 5 Stars

    Ar 59 Price is 500 $ My discord: Artyom#6618 Accept just paypal pay friend and family Can change email and password not birthday
  4. Selling  Selling Genshin Impact Whale NA Account

    Hello! My name is Wada and I'm selling my Genshin Impact Dolphin Account. The price is high since it's had hundreds spent on it, if you want negotiation feel free to add my discord: just.wada#0003 Starting Price: $850, price is negotionable. List from release: c1 Amber c1 Kaeya c1 Lisa c6...
  5. SOLD  ASIA Whale account AR 60 + 140 5 Stars !

    ONLY VIA MIDMAN EPIC SAFEST LUXURY END GAME ASIA AR 60 all have contract / identity / lot lot of receipts / legitmate previous owners highly maitained and build crasy - 100 refull ? why not need showcase ? FB : https://www.facebook.com/ShinaLilie Discord : Eun.9#3607 beware of scammers.
  6. Selling  Genshin Impact Asia AR 59

    Asia Account AR level = 59 Playing Since First Open Asia server F2P btw Open Price $1000 Paypal only Ready to all Unlink all linked account Contact me at discord viad add friend here = Folger#7950 Char 5 star Ganyu - Lv 90 (C1) Zhong li - Lv 90 Raiden Shogun - Lv 90 Venti - Lv 90 MC Aether -...
  7. Selling  [EU] AR57 38x5* HIGH-END personal account, all 4 star characters,almost all 5*

    Hello, this is my personal account, I played on it since day 1 and I think that I achieved what I wanted with it. You can see pictures of the account down below. Keep in mind: NO LOWBALL OFFERS OR I REMOVE YOU! Payment method is ONLY PAYPAL! Add me on discord for more info and to offer a price...
  8. Selling  AR 56 almost 57 Account - 36x5* (excluding Traveller, Aloy & 5* weapons)

    Hi! I’m selling my Genshin AR57 account. I have the following 5* characters: C4 Diluc, C3 Mona/Jean/Keqing, C1 Qiqi, C2 Albedo, C1 Xiao, C1 Ganyu. C0 -> Itto, Raiden Shogun, Zhongli, Tartaglia, Kazuha, Ayaka, Hutao, Venti, Eula, Klee For the 4*, I have: C6 -> Bennett (sadge), Kaeya, Ficshl...
  9. Sells Genshin Impact AR 57 10*5 Character and 22 *4 Charscter with lvl 80

    10 *5 Character Include C2 Keqing, C1 Diluc, kaedehara kazuha, yae miko, hutao, klee, albedo, jean, C1 qiqi, aloy And almost all *4 Character exept Gorou (Geo) and most of them is lvl 80