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genshin $ 120

  1. BOUGHT  AR55 Genshin account (12×5*) Zhongli Raiden Yae Miko Ayaka

    5 stars include: (All really well built apart from keqing, mona, diluc) C1 Keqing C1 Diluc C1 Jean Zhongli Ayaka Raiden Shogun Yae Miko C1 Childe Tartaglia Venti Eula Mona Lost prayer to sacred winds Many 4* including C6 Sara and Barbara Looking for a trade for account for Kazuha, Yoimiya or...
  2. Selling  Selling Genshin ASIA account

    WTS $100 Baal C1 Diluc C2 Keqing C1 Pity Event Page 4 Rate Off Sakura 44 Hu tao lv 90