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gaiaonline gold

  1. Selling  Gaiaonline Items/Account 500t

    Hey, I’ve been on gaia since 2009 & I feel it’s time to move on from it, game is dead now & most of my friends are gone so no point in playing anymore… Not looking for too much but definitely not accepting low ballers. I do have Discord just Message me & if you want to see more pics & or...
  2. Selling  1T Gaia Gold = 1 USD

    Hi! I currently have 110T Gaia Gold in funds and I'm selling them for 1$ per 1T! Add my discord if you're interested :D Ceddyboi#7723
  3. Selling  Cheap Gaia Gold & angelic halo giveaway.

    Everyone! I highly recommend you go join this group, especially if you’re looking to not only buy gold for cheap. But never get scammed again AND daily and weekly giveaways of rare items! Right now they’re giving away ANGELIC HALO. I repeat. They are a new and upcoming group for Gaia that...
  4. [Selling] Gaiaonline gold 1mil plat

    selling 10 trillion gg/ 1mil plat for $20 (usd) / P1k (php) msg me here or on discord. payment through paypal (or gcash if you're from the ph as well). my discord is wasabeebae#2393
  5. Selling Gaia Gold and Account

    Currently selling gaiaonline gold and account. Pm me on discord ramy#7827
  6. Buying  Buying Gaia Gold

    Looking to buy GaiaOnline Gold preferably $2/1T but am willing to negotiate. Please contact me either through pm or discord: diesuki#9317 If you have a lower rating than me you should go first but if I have a lower rating than you I don't mind going first.
  7. Buying gaia gold 1T for $8

    message me on discord :) payment through paypal dink#4531
  8. TERA Ninja lvl 65 with costumes , also lvl 11 priest w items For Gaiagold or $

    the Ninja has https://game-guide.fr/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/aur.jpg this mount but Black and red , I have some photos lmk if you are interested i have lots of costumes for my elins ~ <3 Kik: Unviability Skype:Unviabilityy
  9. Selling  Selling my Account worth 25t~

    Selling my main account that has 25t~ in items on it. Looking for reasonable offers only.
  10. Selling 7-year old account! (Items, gold, etc.)

    So, after thinking about what to do with my 7.8 year old gaia account, I realised that I had racked up quite a few items in my time on this website. I would usually hate to part with any items that I had spent so much time getting, but as the saying goes, desperate times call for desperate...
  11. selling 5t gaia gold and 3x angelic halo 25$ per 1t

    65$ per 1 angelic halo 25$ per 1t skype: jfjmas
  12. selling 5t gold cheap!

    50$ for 1t paypal only please!
  13. Selling Gaia account inventory worth 55,312,131,591 with 301,326,842 gaia gold

    Been a member since 2006 so everything is worth a lot..lot a lot of old and rare items. I can send a print screen for proof if needed. Offers to [email protected] please and payment by paypal
  14. Selling  Gaiaonline Account worth 400 billion+

    Title^^^ Inbox me here, paypal only. This + 70b on hand. http://i61.tinypic.com/213n2mg.png