forsaken world account

  1. US-1?? +350mil cp lvl 188 acc for sale

    Looking to Sell Account. MAX LEVEL CHARACTER OVER 350 Million Power, Easily a Top 3 character and account across all servers, not just the one the character is home to. Account is currently on 7 day vacation to get offline boost bonus. Already has rebirth certificate, 500 soul crystal for name...
  2. Selling  EU-126 Elite-High End Mage / 38kk Power / Cheap

    Hello. Im selling another strong account because i dont have much time to play anymore. You can check my other posts too. - Gear sockets are all lvl 3 including rainbow sockets. - More than 70k souls invested. - Full 2-3 star epic gears / Legendary gears - In top 5 on many events and in-game...
  3. SOLD  US4 Gunslinger lvl 104 power 862k blackwings mount evo 4 unbind guest

    S4 class artificial power 862k lvl 104 have black wings from boss mount evo 4 and black gothic loli costume (can change job to any class once) this account will play until its sold Discord Alone#9336 or direct message Paypal f&f
  4. WTS Dragoon main account on Eyrda

    Hello im selling my toon from Eyrda i dont have that time to put into the game anymore so ive put alot of effort into him so if u interested DM me in discord DragoonBreath#1592 his astroplane is lvl 42 all res 87, water mastery 94, dark mastery 88, 930% cdef in pvp gears and 19k def , 807%...
  5. Selling  Selling Illyfue PVP divine priest lvl102

    Priest is PVP focused, with full arena gear lv95, but it also have PVE champion healing effect gear lv100. Both gears have gems. Chroma - 405 Resistance - lvl90 all except earth and light which are lv80 (resistances are from 1230 to 1434) Mastery - lvl40 (mastery is 701) Fusion gems - all at...
  6. Selling  Selling Blood Reaper lv 100 Storm Server

    I barely play this game now and seems to be a waste to throw away this toon so ill post here if anyone its interested Lycan Female Brawl Reaper (Can be wind easily) Mast lv 88 geared to lv 88 champ some pieces are 95 lv 3 winged, isnt the best toon ever but its something nice if u want a new...
  7. Selling  Forsaken world Deathbane assassin

    Class: Assassin and Mage Level: 80 Talent: Edge Power: 253844 Wings: lv. 70 Mount: lv. 10 Full set + Alts All gear All gems lv.5-6 9 items in wardrobe Mage alt account Email me at [email protected] for more info and screen shots!
  8. FWM deathbane LVL 65 CLERIC 165k power VIP 9 almost 10

    Hi please contact me at: [email protected] for questions and details. - - - Updated - - - will be using escrow/middleman service
  9. Level 55 Cleric, Vip 7, 100k+ power, Deathbane server, Forsaken World Mobile

    I am selling a level 55 cleric (almost level 56), 59% to vip 8. 101k power with full eversong set, greenmirror torso and pants. Serious buyers can respond here or kik me (Dav.ina)
  10. Selling  Selling! Forsaken world account ( lionheart server ) level 90 assassin

    LEVEL 90 ASSASSIN LEVEL 88 PHYSICAL MASTERY PURE DPS BUILD 280 CHROMA (level 3 wings) lv 77 EB weapon (all gears 12/12, all gems are level 4) level 77 PVP purple arena shoes (crit damage) all gears are crit damage / CC 2 FF rings ( crit damage ) crit damage neck (17%) Fashion has 1% CC on shoes...