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epic 7 kise

  1. R

    SOLD  Epic seven diene ken kise lidicia 10€

    Sellling epic seven account 10-10 not cleared currently at 7.Feel free to add me on discord for infos and stuff.My discord RomanK.10€
  2. P

    Global Kise and Haste Account Starter

    2 5* Story empty Global server and good name!
  3. pilth

    BOUGHT  WTB Asia/global end game account

  4. E

    SOLD  Epic 7 (Global) ML Ken account with more great 5 stars.

    I bought this account a few days/weeks ago but work and study has piled up and i dont have enough time to grind anymore. Notable Heros: ML Ken Diene Kise Angelica Cecilia BB Karin Baal Achetas Dingo Surin Tywin Chloe Basar Lots Falconer Kluri PM offer here or on discord @Endigo244#9856...
  5. P

    Selling  2 Global accounts ML Kise, Diene, ML Dominiel,Lots, over 10 5*, 4600 skystones

    ACCOUNT 1 The account is global, still very fresh, story at world 1, vast majority of side missions undone, i just did a few missions that give breath of orbis to max out the heart of orbis Account is linked to a dummy google account, which i will also give together with the account Highest...
  6. T

    WTS/T JUDGE + 9 nat 5* including krau + thief kise

    all the characters all shown below. abyss: 51 hunts: all at 7 labyrinths mostly cleared besides queen story at 4 world any more questions message me on discord at delixum#8528
  7. Q

    Epic cheap account 😂

    Kise together with her beloved kid :D All in pics
  8. V

    Selling  [ASIA] linked Judge Kise account with 11 nat5

    Nat5 Hero: Haste, Sez, Destina, Judge Kise, Sigret, Krau, Tenebria (2x), Kayron (2x), Ice Kise. Nat4 Hero: Angelica, Cidd, Silk, Clarissa, Dingo, Crozet, Purrgis, Corvus, Karin, Surin, Rin. 5 Stars Artifact: Abyssal Crown, Noble Oath, Celestine. account is linked to dummy gmail. PM me your...
  9. SetsunaEpic

    SOLD  [Global] Whale ML Ken + Kise + Shadow Rose + Diene x 5 . 30 x 5*. 250k CP

    First time buyer and need a trusted service? Simply don't want to waste hundred to thousand of $ hoping to get your favorite Servants? I'm offering Moon Light Ken Account . If you looking for Moon Light Ken,this is your chance All my accounts are Legit rolled. Legit rolled/ No Interfering Game...
  10. A

    SOLD  Fresh Global 1-4 Kise Account for $10

    Global: Selling a fresh 1-4 account with 5 Star Kise on it for a decent price ($10). This account was rerolled, and the selective summon is still available at 1-10. Let me know if you have any questions! Discord: Argishto8#7071
  11. X

    Selling  deleted

  12. C

    Selling  Global Judge Kise and Haste and Sez and Sigret and Vildred

    Global Judge account with multiple units and 5 star artifacts. BIG WHALE also has Vildred, Diene, Sez, Haste + more $420 Buy now price
  13. M

    Selling  [Global] ML Ken , Judge , Haste

    Selling 2 global accounts high end with multiple heroes and artifacts . Global 1: ML Ken Global 2: Judge Kise, Other Units KR: ML Ken and Units Pricing negotiable Message on discord for screenshots , pricing and all information including artifacts Discord: Serebii#5328
  14. Chiper25

    SOLD  Moonlight Hero Judge Kise and Rikoris (Server Asia, Already linked)

    Still can farm skystone on map and untouch world difficult You can PM on EpicNPC or Discord Discord : Chiper#8646