elite: dangerous

  1. Selling  Elite Dangerous Credits (Fast, Cheap, In your system) From $0,02/M

    It's for PC. 500MI - $15 ($0,03/M) 1BI - $25 ($0,25/M) 2BI - $40 ($0,02/M) My fleet carrier will fly into the system in which you are in the bubble. Delivery on average takes 15-30 minutes. We work around the clock! If you can start, contact me in chat!. Thank you, we are waiting for your...
  2. Selling  Premium beta & horizons account

  3. SOLD  E:D Premium Beta Account / Lifetime Pass / Non Steam

    Selling this account because the lack of use, its sad to waste it being a lifetime pass premium account. It comes with a few extras you can check in the screen below. Get it now for only 150$ Contact me on Skype or PM me here. + Black Friday Skin
  4. Selling  Meta-Alloys for sale.

    No Horizon? Want to participate in CG to get 1 Ton Corrosion Resistant Cargo Rack unlocked? Don’t want to bother to fly to other end of universe for meta-aloys? Get it meta-alloys from us. We will cargo drop it for you in specified location. This is also a rare opportunity to get a...
  5. Selling  Elite: Dangerous Fresh Non-Steam account

    Hello, I am selling my Fresh Non-Steam Elite: Dangerous account, bought from the Frontier Developments. I want only PayPal or BitCoin transactions. The price is 15 € because it is non-steam. Contact: Skype - dragon25200, E-Mail - [email protected] - - - Updated - - - BTW The game was...
  6. Selling  Elite: Dangerous - Premium Beta Backer Account - Full Access to all expansions

    Selling an Elite: Dangerous beta premium account. With this account you can already play Horizon and ALL future expansions, closed beta versions included, with no adding costs. 540 million in total assets, 68 million are in cash. - 1 Lakon Type 9 full trade fit, - 1 Anaconda full combat...
  7. Buying  Buying Elite: Dangerous Credits

    Buying Elite: Dangerous Credits. Got spare crdits? Want to start from the scratch? Why not sell us your Elite: Dangerous credits? Buying Elite dangerous credits for 1 mil = $ 0,5 Minimum buy of 5 mil. Cr. Payment by Paypal Contact us on: e-mail: [email protected] Skype: znormatov
  8. Selling  Elite: Dangerous credits from oldest provider on the market.

    Celebrating 8 Years in Service Elite: Dangerous Services Verified EPIC status Seller Please contact us on: Skype: CreditSElite e-mail: [email protected] Credit Services In Account Farming as well as face-to-face transfer. Delivered to all platforms PC/PS4/PS5/XBOX Lot of...
  9. Credits for Sale

    Selling Credits 1 mil = 1 $ Minimal lot of $5 In game delivery trough Cargo transfer. <removed>
  10. Trading  My Secret World and Lord of the Rings Online with all expansions for ANY Elite:Dangerous

    My Secret World and Lord of the Rings Online with all expansions for ANY Elite:Dangerous Hey, I want to trade my third Secret World account that I only played for a couple of days and my main Lord of the Rings Account that has all of the expansions and classes unlocked (including Beorning) and...
  11. Buying  Elite Dangerous Account With High Trader Rank

    Just like the title says, looking to buy an Elite Dangerous Account with a High Trader rank. Must be willing to show proof. Will make offer based on stats.
  12. Selling  Elite Dangerous - mercenary *non-steam* edition - 35$

    Bought it when the game came out. I realized it wasn't for my taste so I quit after several hours of playing. You start your way from scratch, no progress in game. Bought it for 50$ during the pre-release, selling for 35$ via paypal, you go first. PM me if you're interested. skype...
  13. SOLD  BETA account with millions!

    (Screenshots below, this account earned credits/ranks legitimately, no hacks, no exploits, all in-game hard work and love) Looking to sell my NON-Steam, BETA Mercenary edition account with over 100 MILLION credits in assets, hundreds of hours invested and a fully decked out Type-9 to trade, or...
  14. [WTS] Elite: Dangerous (non-steam) or trade for legit GTA V

    Bought Elite [NON STEAM] a few months ago, played it and came to conlclusion that it isn't my game. Has upgraded Cobra Mk. III ship and about 600k credits. Will sell for 30 EUR (Paypal) or trade for copy of GTA V. Contact me here or on steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/LStock/ - - - Updated -...