dynasty cheap acc

  1. Selling  Vip12 14bil+ G7 T2 Wing Top rank 1 server E36 WEI - Lowered Price

    Hello all, Time constraint is getting me to sell. It's an awesome account. UPDATED VIP12 14bil + power Wei faction focused Rank 1 in server E36 Has G7 tier 2 wings 5* and above legendary roster! Even the new Sengako char is at 7* and New MYTHIC Wei char at 2*! All 4 mythic skins purchased...
  2. Selling Account VIP 9 Dynasty Scroll

    Selling EU Server 14 account. VIP 10 Power - 2160m LvL 91 G5 wings Top legion in server. For more information discord - KpycPlay#7985