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dragonball z account

  1. BearyGun

    Dbl lvl 162 with 3 LF Son Family gohan,goten & namek goku 80$ Paypal

    Dragonball legend account lvl 163 for sold with 3 LF gohan, goten and namek goku sp 103 ex 67 and hero 53 all fully boost and upgrade with 4k crystal also 1.5b zeni good price or offer price can discord BearyGun#2535 or email me at [email protected]
  2. E

    Selling  DB legends $10 [+8000CC][+50Sparkings]

    Selling account for $10 . Los of sparkings, 8k chrono crystals. This screenshot is outdated, I've pulled a lot more units(dbs broly, 2nd film broly, 5star golden frieza, final form cooler, bardock, Goku black, full ginyu force...) If you are interested I'll send new pics. I've sold an account...
  3. K

    Selling  55 sp account

    All up the account contains 145 units to name a few LF super vegito, LF goten, LF gohan, golden frieza etc, all shallot customisable options including trunks future outfit, completed story (parts 1-4 normal & 1-2 hard) level 82, only 152 days old. PayPal only, message me with offers, will...
  4. C

    Selling  Cool DragonBall Legends Acc

    SELL very nice account with most sparkings ,lots of equipment ,50million zenni, story not completed, events not completed ..Over 125 Characters , gogeta, goku,goku ssj,ssj2,ssj3,bardock ssj,frieza perfect cell,ultimate gohan,gohan ssj2,super vegeta, gt vegeta, ultra trunks and more PRICE 50€...
  5. U

    Selling  Semi-Whale Beast DBL account. 4 Star Gogeta+many more! For 45$

    This is 100% worth it in my opinion. I've spent 200$ + trying to build this account without going full whale mode. I tried my best and kept it for a while. This is the result. Also, if you email me with the intention to buy within the first 5 hours, you'll be given a 5$ discount. So you'd only...
  6. K

    Selling  Legends acc + 24 sp

    Want to sell my db legend acc has old + new gotenks and gogeta so amazing fusion team and many more sp like beerus ,teen gohan If u want pics dm me or write me on facebook Alan brifkani Discord lastking#9612
  7. C

    Selling  DBL Nice account 125Characters

    WTS Good dbl account story not completed Events not completed ..good sparkings goku, bardock,vegeta,gogeta broly ,cell ,frieza buu and more Price 40€ Skrill please Dbl
  8. Y

    SOLD  GLB Semi Fresh LR Goku & Freiza Account 615 Stones

    Hello. Have an account with LR Goku & Freiza with 2 dupes. The account has 615 stones atm and will keep going up since i will be logging in every day until the account is sold. Events: Mostly Untouched Story Events: Mostly Untouched Dokkan Events: Untouched Z-Battle Events: Untouched Story -...
  9. F

    Trading  Trading this beauty for a Fresh lr gogeta/vegito jp account

    Imgur link https://imgur.com/a/mYi5ama All most endgame still lots of stones to farm tho Dm me for more information
  10. epicrose

    SOLD  Perfect Start - 4K Dragonball Z Account

    Perfect to Start! Niche: Anime/Games (DragonBall Z) Username: @dbzpix Price: $23 Followers: 4K (February 16th 2018) Posts: 192 (February 16th 2018) Likes average: 100-130 Payment: PayPal Contact: > Pm me here > Kik me [ putratbr ] > Mail me at [email protected] (FAST RESPOND)