dragon forged

  1. Selling  Level 573 iOS Account. 5 DFs and 33 Epics. Selling for $20 iTunes Card.

    Level 573 ios account with 5 DragonForged and 33 epics (a few are +) fully upgraded training fields and crafting stations with 35million gold. I've finally grown tired of the game and have switched to Coc. If you're interested in buying the account for $15-$20 iTunes or taking a look my Line ID...
  2. Level 182 Account 10+DF for $15 iTunes. Pay first.

    I've finally grown tired of the game and I'm looking to sell my account. It has 10+ maxed DFs and I just don't see any fun in the game anymore. I don't wanna rip anyone off or sell it for a ridiculous price and honestly the account doesn't mean much to me so I'm selling it for just $15 so I can...
  3. Selling  3 accounts all with DF one with DF plus. And a fully upgraded guild

    I am selling my 3 accounts. Ready to retire from k&d. Account 1: 4 DF fully upgraded dozens of epic pluses and epics. $100 Account 2: 1 DF plus fully upgraded 3 others fully upgraded. Several epic pluses and many more epics. $100 Account 3: 1 DF and several epics on epic plus. $40 Guild...
  4. Selling  Cheap Knights and Dragons account- 2 DF+

    Level 98- all story missions unlocked 2 DF+ 1 DF 2 Epics All land unlocked- All training fields perfect for a new player who wants to quickly have a decent account Open to offers Ask in replies for contact information - - - Updated - - - Forgot to mention is on IOS
  5. KnD 12 df account for sale

    Account level is 100 and has 12 dragon forged armors, 7 being lvl 90 and one is a +. Got about 10-20 epics as well. 7mil coins and 16 gems. contact me on line if interested. Line: Fabian
  6. Want to trade acc

    i have 4 epics 2 of them are level 51. 1 epic is level:30 and on epic is 19. add me on kik:emiliobreman. i want atleast one df.
  7. Selling  Knights and Dragons Account. iOS 3 DragonStar + 40 Epics

    Moving over to Android so am looking to sell my iOS Knights And Dragons account. A great account that has had a lot of money spent on it. Level 360 3 DragonForged armours, 2 maxed (Avian Aegis and Phoenix Ward) and one at level 30 (Darkscale Battlegear). 40 epics including many + (12 are...