1. Selling  β˜… Flip Knife | Doppler (Ruby)
  2. πŸ’ŽM9 Bayonet | Doppler P3 | FN | 0.01πŸ’Ž

    Price: $400 Accepting: BTC Prefer to use trade guardian middleman (buyer pays fee) β˜… M9 Bayonet | Doppler Name Tag: ''-'' Exterior: Factory New Float: 0.0100 Pattern: 66 inspect link...
  3. Selling VAC Banned CS:GO account w/ $1,000 inventory | Karambit Doppler

    Alright, so I used a skin changer on my alt account, and since they were linked, my main with my skins got banned... These are my friends skins and I need to give him something back because I ****ed up badddddd. So lmk if you're intrested! Account...
  4. Selling  Trade banned Acc

    Hey there i am selling a tradebanned acc just an example picture looking for 300€ acc is nonprime level 11 conatct me here or on discord Zeki#6186
  5. Buying  Knife/gloves/Covert Playskins

    Budget will be fair, I promise. Im looking for 2 knives, Budget is around 1.2k, If you accept trades as an addition, that could a bit higher. I've bought knives here before, I advise scammers to not try their tactics. Discord: Lorem#2110
  6. Trading  [H] Karambit Doppler Phase 1 FV .009614

    Looking for Tiger tooth Talon FN + Goodies Screen : Tradelink :
  7. Selling  [S] GutKnife Doppler [P2] [FN] [Pink Galaxy]

    Selling my Gutknife Doppler phase 2 it's pink galaxy making it worth more! I'm selling it for 165$ USD (230$ CAD) O.B.O. I will only do f/f paypal and won't go first. Here's a pic: My inventory:
  8. Selling  CSGO Skins: Karambit Doppler Sapphire & More

    Hi everyone, I recently joined the forum since I have absolutely no trust in the trading sites. Since I decided to quit the game, I want to sell my skins. As I've mentioned, I have no clue how you deal here. I can provide a paypal if you wanna pay via invoice which enables security for both...
  9. Selling  Steam account worth $2,000 | want $1,450. (expensive csgo skins - dlore)

    Hello! I am currently offering my steam account that is worth around ~$2,000 USD for the lowest of $1,450. The account currently holds a CS:GO inventory worth of $1,519 USD, and 44 games worth around ~$500. I am looking for PayPal, so if you are interested, please comment below and we could talk...
  10. Buying  I want a Karambit/M9 Bayonnet

    Hi guys :p I want a karambit around 340$ I also accept anothers offers (Maybe a M9) but I prefer a karambit... i can show Paypal acc proofs, +rep proofs and more. Pay by PayPal Send me your profile link and i add you (I do not go first, I worked hard for my +rep... ---Trusted VE skin...
  11. Selling  Account with 500$+ worth Gamma Dopler Factory New Phase 2[w] 200$

    Hello, guys, want to sell my csgo account with my knife Gamma Dopler Factory New Phase 2, which price 250+ keys, for 200$ qiwi or webmoney I wont go first even if you have brilliant reputation, only with middleman I dont accept Paypal, bitcoin and etc I accept only Webmoney or Qiwi, you can...
  12. Level 10 Unranked acct with KING RAMMUS BETA SKIN - Trade for CS:GO Knife

    taking any knife offer, cant be trash tier. You will go first. Can send screenshots to anyone interested.
  13. β˜… β™ž CSGO Knife DreamShop β˜… β™ž (70-80% BitSkins!) FAST & LEGIT

    β˜… β™ž CSGO Knife DreamShop β˜… β™ž (70-80% BitSkins!) FAST & LEGIT CSGO Knife DreamShop! β˜… FlipKnife| Slaughter (FN) Factory New! SS on profile !!! Float: 0.04 Buy Now: β˜… Bayonet | Dopper(Phase2) Factory New! SS on profile ...
  14. Selling  FactoryNew β˜… Bayonet | Doppler β˜… phase two 75% MARKET

    β˜… Bayonet | Doppler (FactoryNew / Phase2) Float value: 0.0144 Exterior: Factory New Float value: 0.0144 Phase 2 - This variation consists of approximately 80%...
  15. β˜… Bayonet | Doppler (FactoryNew / Phase2)

    β˜… Bayonet | Doppler (FactoryNew / Phase2) Exterior: Factory New Phase 2 - This variation consists of approximately 80% Red and 20% Black (4) Steam Community :: Guide ...
  16. SOLD  Bayonet Doppler FN (Phase 2) 290$

  17. Buying skins

    Im looking for m9 FN doppler with a little color pink on it, m4a1-s hot rod FN, ak 47 case hardened FN=450$ for total by paypal. Of course u will have to give the stuffs first, and im new to cs go so its up to you. My Skype: tuonghuynh94
  18. SOLD  Stattrak bayonet doppler phase 4 fn + stattrak m4a1-s hyper beast minwear

    I am currently selling a M4A1-S Hyper Beast, Stattrak Min wear. As well as a Bayonet Doppler Phase 4. Stattrak Factory new. Accepting KEYS ONLY. Please add my skype. CrazyRage77. SERIOUS OFFERS PLS Here's some screenshots I would post more images but I can only post two. I can send...
  19. Selling FN Bayonet | Doppler (Phase 1) - Real Money (PAYPAL ONLY) - 10% discount

    Selling FN Bayonet | Doppler (Phase 1) - Real Money (PAYPAL ONLY) - 10% discount Hi, I'm selling my knife 10% off market price, which is currently ~ 300 USD Any willing buyers can contact me through steam: *NOTE* Before contacting me, do note that I...
  20. WTS/WTT Karambit Damascus Steel Factory New 80% / Keys / Knife Offers

    Scammers: do not waste your time trying the invoice scam Float Val- 0.05 Im looking for serious buyers/trade offers 80% Market Val - paypal gift only 150 keys or looking to trade for Kara Doppler mw/fn any other trade offers just message me post skype below or pm me
  21. Selling  Butterfly Full Fade(FN),Flip Doppler(FN), Bayonet Vanilla, P90Asiimov(FN)>[Skrill or Keys]

    Butterfly Full Fade(FN),Flip Doppler(FN), Bayonet Vanilla, P90Asiimov(FN)>[Skrill or Keys] Selling β˜… Butterfly Knife | Fade Factory New Full fade 210e or 110 CSGO Keys (mostly Chroma 2) β˜… Flip Knife | Doppler Name Tag: ''Galaxy'' Factory New 105e or 55 CSGO Keys (mostly Chroma 2) β˜…...
  22. Trading  [h] bayonet doppler sapphire fn for keys UNIQUE pattern

    Hi, My nooby friend just got this knife and im trying to help him sell it Tradeable after 17.05 Im looking for keys,offer please His id /76561198186664057 btw FRONT BACK ONLY KEYS GUYS bye
  23. Buying  [WTB] Gut knife doppler FN|

    Hello i am looking for a Gut knife doppler FN as the title says and i would like it at least %50 off marketprice QUICK INFO DOWN BELOW: The transaction will be done with paypal and i really dont like the idea of me going first so middleman maybe??? Skype: mcm_dk...
  24. Selling  Karambit Doppler Factory New

    Selling a Karambit Doppler, factory new Sometimes looks like Phase 1, sometimes looks like Black Pearl Looking for pure keys or real money