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doom 2.3

  1. Selling  18M tcp msf account

    *Darkhold 750k (arena top3-5) Morgan LF ready for g16 *Raids team ready for doom 2.3 *Greek raids AUTO ;) *DD5 3 nodes *6k PC *7M gold (20 gold orb) *561 silver credit *218 gold credit *1176 dark credit *4.3k gold training mats
  2. MSF 12kk TCP doom 2.3 ready

    Hi everyone, here is my account i wanna sell. 2 kids is too much for me to handle with how much i commit to the game. Need toć free some time :) Account can do doom 2.3 easily ( my Alliance was top 100 last Season in raiding), top the arena and do really good at war. I have unlocked all the...