dofus rushu

  1. Selling  3 accounts on rushu for sale [197 eni, 199 panda, 200 eca] [insane offers]

    Hey, I have 3 accounts for sale on RUSHU. 197 ENI, 199 PANDA, 200 ECA it is my Skype: raczy.grzegorz For further informations, please do not hesitate to contact me.
  2. Buying  WTB Kamas/Items.

    Hey,buying dofus kamas on any servers.Can pay up to 1.2$,maybe a little more,can buy items too as long as they are sellable and worthy. Add Skype:Charizzardon
  3. Selling  LVL 200 Geared IOP, ECA and ENU for sale (RUSHU)

    Hello everyone! I stopped playing Dofus and i don't really need my accounts anymore! So I'm selling them to give the pleasure to someone else who is interested in any of these accounts. I've shown some of the things the accounts have but, if you want the full look, i can give you info to log...
  4. Buying  Buying kamas on Rushu will pay 1.1/1mk I will go first.

    Looking to buy some kamas as my current seller is on holiday for a few weeks. add me on skype: bruskisays Prefer trusted sellers, also prefer to buy larger than 50mk quantities, will discuss lower amounts.
  5. Selling  Selling Dofus Accounts - Rushu - Please, check post for details...

    The accounts are on Rushu, fully scrolled and well geared. Contact me so I log in ig for even more details. Feel free to check out the dofus page as well. The accounts are as follow: - Panda lvl 199, chance geared and scrolled - Masqueraider lvl 199, strength, geared and scrolled - Eliotrope lvl...
  6. BOUGHT  Selling 2 Rushu Accs! Lvl 199 Iop[Str] & Lvl 200 Eni[Int]

    Hello I am selling both a lvl 199 Iop & 200 Eni on Server Rushu as I am preparing to start school and will not have time to play anymore. The eni has a +Mp Kringlove, Maxed Kwyness, Lvl 100 Emerald/Plum Dt, and heals very nice but can be used for comabt. The Iop has a crimson, is fully scrolled...