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destiny 2 emblem share

  1. Destiny 2 stacked pvp account with og armor and emblems

    For sale: Stacked destiny 2 pvp account . Some emblem codes that are on my account is worth $350 just for a single emblem.(check the image below). This Account also have Totn shaders and old s3 Iron banner cloak https://bray.tech/2/4611686018444743721/2305843010049684093/collections Message me...
  2. BOUGHT  Exclusive Emblem Share For Destiny 2

    Destiny 2 collection share how it works: 1) contact me here or via discord " nicue " 2) if you have crossave active for this service to work you have to disable it 3) if you buy the collection share you won't be able to use 3 party app like DIM/Companion App ecc anymore 4) you obviously...
  3. Buying  Scientia Illuminata Emblem (Send me offers , Im wanting to buy :)

    I am a serious buyer , I am wanting to buy the scientia illuminata emblem , please send me offers if you have a code to spare. Thanks :)
  4. Selling  Destiny 2 Emblem ACCOUNT 180+ total, include super rare and expensive emblems.

    For sale: Destiny 2 bungie emblem account. 180+ emblems . (Sherpa emblems from VOG, VOD, KF and Crota's raids included) Some emblem codes that are on my account is now worth $1000 just for a single emblem. You will get full access to all of them (check the image below). If you have game account...
  5. Selling  Destiny 2 Emblem Share (ALL emblems)

    CROSS-SAVE MUST BE OFF IN ORDER FOR THIS TO WORK!!!! Exploit is used!! Dm --------->Vorpal#4222 for more info Only PayPal f&f / crypto 9x3 (normal share) -->55$ metagalactic bloom share(exclusive share) ---> 100$ <--- (u ll lose access to 3rd party Apps)
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  7. looking for destiny 2 emblem share

    just looking for a cross save emblem share on pc. pm me here plz.
  8. Selling  Destiny 2 EmblemSharing Darkest day, stand together, black skies Read disc

    I am offering a service where i add destiny 2 emblems to your account Note - cross save has to be disabled for the method to work All platforms dm me for details and to purchase the servers below have updated emblem lists Discord - Cuba#3021 Servers BOTH OFFER THE SAME EMBLEMS and prices join...
  9. Buying  Buying emblem shares Read disc

    looking for some emblems to get shared want some nice ones Darkest day is a big plus discord Pride#2003