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  1. Selling  WTS Gold on US Darkspear Horde Retail! Low price, limited stock: $8.50 / 100k

    Hey everyone, thanks for checking out my thread! Add me on Discord: TT#5470 I'm currently selling gold on US Darkspear for Horde retail version. I know it's a niche market, which is why I strive for the best possible price on the Internet! If you find a legit better deal, link it to me and I...
  2. Selling  350K gold on Darkspear EU - Alliance.

    I have a few gold stocked up, and as i don't play anymore, i would like to sell it. Price will be 105$ - 0,3$/K. You will have to go first, then i will either buy auction from auction house - or trade you the gold ingame. Contact - Skype - iQundercover
  3. BOUGHT  WTS lvl 100 ret pally on darkspear 700 mining and 700 herbs asking 55 USD

    also come with D3 reaper of souls 70 monk 55 paragon contact me on skype sean.tavarez93 PAYPAL ONLY - - - Updated - - - still play time until 9/13/2015
  4. Darkspear-ally golds for high amount of money!

    i am buying all ur golds on darkspear-ally for a high amount of usd. i buy for : 1k/2usd. I am buying by paypal. i can trade money first. the way i buy is from friend/familly payment so i CANNOT refound it. what we do is 1. u give me ur paypal email. 2. i send money to ur paypal email. 3. u...