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dark side

  1. SOLD  2 Dark Side GLs - 5.5m GP - Top 5 Both Arenas - 10k Crystals

    Price: 425 USD R7 uSLKR with 328 speed Hux R7 uSith Eternal with 543 speed With theese bad boys you have no problem while climbing to top of the arena Deal %30-%40 maybe more damage to challenge tier Rancor P1 With Slkr Hux Kru and Wat lineup / For p2 daka and zombie are R5 7* Malevolence...
  2. Dark Side Account Lvl 85

    Good evening, Want to sell my Dark Side account lvl 85, change name available, 600k credits, almost 300 remotes, all blueprints (except Scimitar and Soulless One). Cards 5*: Darth Vader Galactic Terror Evo1 proper sk1 4*: tons of it, including barriss, Aurra sniper evo2, chewie. 3*: tons of...