1. Selling  quick and easy SPACE CHEDDAR $$$

    **PC Only** Hi! If you're looking to earn credits without all the hard work, look no further! Make all the space cheddar without the grind! Min. credits is 300M, prices starting at $12 with increasing discounts! -Delivery Times- 300-500M: 24 Hours 500M-1B: 48 Hours 1B-3B: 72 Hours...
  2. Selling  Selling ED Credits for £0.02/Mil, no account login needed Cheapest Seller

    This utilises a fleet carrier credit transfer method, as it is safer and more trustworthy than logging onto an account and farming credits that way. You can buy from me directly, or with a middleman, whichever way makes it easier for you. I'm also the cheapest elite dangerous credit seller, as...
  3. 11 bil on hand. >30 bil in total assets. All ships. All engineers but 1.

    I've spent so many hours on all this but it's time for me to move on. I want to sell it quickly, so I will take offers. All ships. Many fully outfitted & G5 engineered. I have 2 Cutters & 2 Corvettes that are fully outfitted just to mention a few.. Guardian weapons PowerPlay items Many, many...
  4. SOLD  Cheap! Horizon + anaconda g5 engineered 250mil asset

    Selling this account brand new, Empire rank MARQUISE 100% (CUTTER ready just need any navy mission) ANACONDA with half G5 module for fight in haz res eyes closed ;) plenty of mats/tech/data to use for engineering engineers: ELVIRA,TOD,DIDI G5 LIZ,SLENE G3 FELICITY,DWELLER G1 ZAC,MARCO,BILL...
  5. Selling  Elite Dangerous Horizons – Cutter and Corvette unlocked

    Elite Dangerous CD KEY Elite Dangerous – Horizons CD KEY A Class Anaconda (Engineered for space taxi) A Class Corvette (Engineered for War) Imperial Rank : Duke 59% (Imperial Cutter UNLOCKED) Federation Rank : Rear Admiral 79% (Federal Corvette UNLOCKED) Current assets 1.012 Billion...
  6. Selling  Elite: Dangerous Horizons Engineered Acc, Duke and Rear Admiral, Elite Rank

    This account has the Horizons Season Pass. 3.5 billion assets, 2.5 Billion credits available. Empire Rank is at Duke and Federation Rank is at Rear Admiral. Ships included are the Cutter, Corvette, Anaconda, Python, DBX and an engineered Asp Explorer. Elite Rank, which gives access to Shinrarta...
  7. Selling  Selling Account, NO Horizons, 45 mil cash, fully fitted Python, 250 mil total

    willing to sell this account relatively inexpensive, no fed/empire rank. Elite Combat rating. Account does not have horizons or any dlc/expansions.
  8. Selling Alpha access account, 1billion+ assets, lieutenant fed rank

    Master combat rank Entrepreneur trade rank Surveyor explorer rank Founder's world access and access to all upcoming DLC **FREE**, Gold skin Anaconda, Chrome cobra, Python tactical skins pack, multiple Imperial Hammers Railguns stocked, Imperial Clipper + skins 1000$
  9. Selling  Baron ranked Anaconda 393M account.

    Credits - 110M Total Assets - 393M Combat - Elite Trade - Entrepreneur Empire Rank - Baron Current Ship - Anaconda Comes with a Clipper Paint Pack. asking $200 Paypal only.
  10. SOLD  Elite Dangerous Credits: $1 - 1M Credits. Paypal/Steam Keys

    Since nobody wants to buy with keys, i also added Paypal method. $1 - 1Million CR. Min. Buy = 5M. We can discuss via PM all the details but basically its via Cargo transfer. Feel free to make any question. Ty!
  11. SOLD  Elite:dangerous account

    want to sell elite dangerous account account is linked to Steam but i will provide Steam account + email linked to Steam (made both brand new just for E:D so u don't have problems). VULTURE + IMPERIAL COURIER 42 millions credits, MASTER rep at EMPIRE + MASTER in combat. currently flying a...
  12. Selling  Non Steam linked, selling my Python for 100$

    Python is full equipped, right now on exploration, but has enough money to go back to a full trade setup or bounty hunting. I am honest here.. old Elite fan, played first one, but this game is just empty and shallow over all... Selling my Account for 100$!!! Account is not steam linked and I...
  13. Selling  Elite Dangerous Account

    Hi, want to sell my Elite Dangerous Account. €35.00 Order Date: 29 December 2014 Ships: - soon - PM me for more information.
  14. Trading  My basic Elite: Dangerous account (non steam) for a CS:GO knife

    Hello, i want to trade my basic non steam Elite account for a CS:GO knife.
  15. [WTS] Elite: Dangerous (non-steam) or trade for legit GTA V

    Bought Elite [NON STEAM] a few months ago, played it and came to conlclusion that it isn't my game. Has upgraded Cobra Mk. III ship and about 600k credits. Will sell for 30 EUR (Paypal) or trade for copy of GTA V. Contact me here or on steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/LStock/ - - - Updated -...