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  1. Trading  Trading bandori semi whale/jpd4dj for DCS on d4dj

    Jpdori Rank 146, 20 lims on this acc, top 5000 title D4dj account Rank 102, about 9-10 lims? Top 100 title Lf fair d4dj account with my dream cards! Dream card list is attached as one of the photos! Dm me on Instagram @koimochie or on discord lofid3mon#2469
  2. Selling  JP Whale D4DJ Account (over 280 4☆+ cards and almost 90 lims)

    I am going to be going on a trip soon and I need some extra funds. It was hard to come to this decision but I am willing to sell my mega whale jp d4dj account as it's very valuable and I have a lowkey obsession with this game so i've been meaning to drop it I have had this account since day 1...
  3. SOLD  49 4* EN D4DJ (Has Top1 Quint Titles)

    End game EN D4DJ 49 4* + rare T1 titles (quints) -Now has Vday Rinku and only 6k stars Very well maintained since first EN event! Some noticeable Titles: T1 Nino, Itsuki, Ichika T1 Rondo, Lyrical Lily T10 All quints, Rondo, Merm4id, Anniv, Event points overall: T50 Non-Stop the BEST T50...
  4. Selling  [Traded Thx] EN 12 lims 42 4⭐ for $30 - $45

    If interested, reply below/chat me here or DM my IG @ruikasa.shop ^__^💗💕 ➡️ UFS this for $30 - $45 / IDR 420k - 630k via DANA/indo bank > PayPal (+ paypal fee) 🌹 Notice that it has: 🦋 32 4⭐ cards, 12 lims (3/4 Peaky bdays/lims & 3/4 Merm4id lims) 🦋 There are still 10 - 20 songs uncleared 🦋 Lots...