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csgo ava

  1. Selling  Csgo account

    Selling a nova 3 account... add me on my main( http://steamcommunity.com/id/DeadEagle762/ ) to discuss..... Looking for $10-$20 worth of skins... will assist with password change and so forth... Fast trade... If it is multiple small items ($1-$2) it will then be $15 and up if it is big items...
  2. SOLD  Trading AVA Account for rare knife worth around 500 euros

    Hello guys, I'm trading my Alliance of Valiant Arms account that I spent over 5000 euros. I'm trading it for a rare knife such as M9 Tiger Tooth or Fade, or Karambit Doppler. That knife is not worth 5k euros, but I'm selling somehow with cheap things. Here's the video of my inventory...