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  1. Trading  LF : NA account!

    Hihi! Sorry, I am very new to trading but I am looking for an NA account! I currently have an EU account with Hu Tao, Rosaria, Chongyun, Razor, C3 Beidou, C1 Barbara, C2 Xinyan, Diona, Noelle, and Sucrose! I am hopefully looking for perhaps an Albedo smurf? I am not sure if that’s equal but...
  2. Diamond v account for only 150€!

    Selling EU West DIA V account, 150€ (Negotiable) 115 Champions 16 FULL rune pages; 3936 IP; 10 RP; SKINS(27): Artic Warfare Caitlyn Dragon Slayer Jarvan IV Dreadkight Garen Dynasty Ahri Forsaken Olaf Frosted Ezreal Hillbilly Gragas Judgment Kayle Mafia Jinx Pool Party Graves Sewn Chaos Orianna...