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  1. Selling  [WTS] Us/Pc Dc Universe Online !SALE!

    I'm selling my own DCUO Account with CR 314; SP 83; Hero - Rage with Legendary Membership. The reason I'm selling it is because I don't have the time to play anymore. If you're interested just reply here or feel free to hit me up on discord for any proof. (bxtara#0934) I would offer it for 35$...
  2. Selling  DCUO Lifetime account with 120+sp characters.

    Well I'm selling a lifetime account with 2 main characters and multiple bank toons. I dont play the game anymore so I intend to sell it. the main character has around 120+sp and 108 cr or so If i remember it right with 5 respec tokens on in its bank with many styles. the 2nd man is not high in...