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  1. Selling  CBT17Doll Colcher,Akaset,Gawana,Dreizhen,Mako etc 10kCrystal 15$ (RushSell!)

    Price: 15$ only for limited time if i cant sell within a short period of time the price will reset! discord: Meanie#9086 Purchased Outfit: Black Doraenya CBT Asuna Outfit Crystal: 10k, Lunar Card: 10, Astral Card: 8 Active Evoker License (Battle Pass) MId Game Story: 5-4 17 Doll Total: Colcher...
  2. Selling  Starter account Colcher/Akaset + some SSR 🌸

    All accounts are unlinked, map 1-1 or 1-2, day 8th Dm me for to ask for more information Discord: ddwsc#5221 Payment: Wise, Paypal S3: map 1-2, Akaset + Minerdwen + Satya + Lavira + 2 SSR verves ($10) Moon palace banner 47/50 Dreizehn’s banner 29/50 S1: map 1-1 | Colcher + Aurora + Lilyrio...
  3. Selling  Fresh Unlinked Starter Colcher + Minerdwen | $5

    - 2x multi used - Crystal unused - Story 1-1 - Account Unlinked Price : $5 USD Payment : Paypal or Indonesian Bank If you interested, dm me on here or discord : Rei#5899
  4. SOLD  Soul Tide Global Colcher + Akaset + Nicolette + Gawana + Mako + Aurora etc

    account : unlinked stage : 6-5 payment : Paypal FnF or TransferWise interested? any question? please PM me on EpicNPC *will be played until sold Thanks!
  5. SOLD  Soul Tide Starter Acc Mako x2 Colcher | $5

    As title states, selling colcher and mako w dupe Discord:Zalx#5511 Story at 1-1
  6. Selling  Starter account Colcher + Nicolette | Colcher + Akaset - Updated frequently 🌸

    Hi there, I am Saber_Dc, seller of some gacha games, Soul Tide is out now so I'll be taking orders with any Doll that's currently available. Don't hesitate to message me here or my Discord, I'll be happy to serve you ^^ Why buy from me? I am a seller since August 2020, with over 100 feedbacks...
  7. SOLD  Soul Tide starter account Mako+Colcher Unlinked

    Discord:Juggerfraud#9644 Payment: Paypal F&f or Crypto Unlinked/GUEST account Story 1-1 Prices 10$