1. GameBattles and CMG for sale

    Gamebattles has 170+ golds with 23 creds still in the account and my CMG is top 100 with 400+ golds and $10k+ earned GameBattles price: $100 CMG: $175 Contact me Twitter: @meltiifyy Discord: Melt #8178
  2. Selling  8K & 50K

    Accounts For Sale: 8K: (All Golds Are NA) 49K: (Can and will show proof I own it) Payment Methods: PayPal, BTC. Discord: vro#5555 Kik: pugs
  3. Buying  Warlock w/ MoP Challenge Mode Gear

    I'm looking to purchase a Warlock with ALL Mists of Pandaria Challenge mode gear. Does not have to be max level, mounts don't matter, achievements don't matter. Just looking to buy a warlock with all MoP CM gear. I have a budget of $200.
  4. Selling  692 Shaman, 667 Hunter, 630 DK--> CMG, RARE MOUNTS, CURVES ETC.

    About: - I've been the only owner of it (100% safe) - 3x100 character on Ragnaros(H) realm: Elemental shaman--> 692 ilvl, Survival Hunter-->667, Frost DK-->630 /PvP/ ( all in 9/9 CMG transmog and almost all tier set for each ) - 4x90 character, 2 of them on Ragnaros(A), another 2 on Twisting...