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challenge master

  1. SOLD  Druid Account -mage tower, CMs, elite set, Challenge Master, and more! - Shell

    Druid Shell Account / CM and Mage Tower / Elite Sets / Challenge Master and Realm first 20.2k achiev points / 133 feats / 308 legacys / 159 mounts MOUNTS Grove Warden (AoTC Hellfire) [UNOBTAINABLE] Violet Spellwing (AoTC Antorus) [UNOBTAINABLE] Uncorrupted Voidwing (AoTC Ny'Alotha)...
  2. Selling  Gladiator shaman, 678 ilvl feral druid, 660 priest and tons of 90+ alts

    Rare mounts include: s15 gladiator drake, core hound, FL achieve mount, Cata dungeon drake, both icc drakes, swift brewfest ram, white hawkstrider, Frost plains battleboar with really good date, Dreanor challenge mode yeti with really good date, Garrosh ahead of the curve mount, both arena...