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  1. Buying  Looking for MS150k+ Accounts

    hi, looking to purchase MS150k+ accounts. add me on discord - desof#6636 We can nego on there, but we will ONLY deal through TradeGuardian middleman service. send me a friend req on discord and send me a short screen recording of gameplay of your account and the word which I’ll ask you to type...
  2. Selling  Really High End 140K (cap) - 100K+ Dust - High RL 380+

    Hello ! I am looking to sell my capped account, original owner, spent lot of money and time on this account. I'm not showing any screenshot in this thread for safety but contact me if you're interested. (This is my second post, for security reason I originally posted using an alias to make...
  3. 600k+ Cap America Midgardia EU

    Rich account with: 8.5k Crystal (80+$ worth) 11M Gold Got duplicate midgardia set for future red stars and 2 of others regional costumes On the road to lvl 110 Also SL is 300k+ (maestro defeated) Cap marvel is 200k+ and DrStrange 100k+ No fb or gmail linked yet Write to me here or on discord...
  4. Selling  Global | 🚀 Instant Rank Boosting Service 🚀 | 1$ per 3M XP

    SINOALICE BOOSTING SERVICE 🚀🌑 Sick of being unable to fit all your weapons in your grid? Want to have a small CP boost? With this boosting service, you won't have to worry about any of that, and it's instant! It has been used on multiple accounts throughout the last few months and none have...
  5. SOLD  WTS good EU t3 raid account with lvl 120 capt,guard,beorning,rk

    Selling my account because i see no future in lotro anymore. Lvl 120 Man captain fully t3 geared with crit/incoming healing jewls, Full tank set for morale build and a lower morale build with big battle jewls. Also have a build for blue line with the old throne set, bags are pretty much full...
  6. Asura Job Points

    Selling Job points on Asura. Would require you to have as close to max bonuses as possible. 500 jp = $12 2100 jp = $60 Message me for availability and any questions.
  7. Selling  SELLING - guild with crystal at LV 50 , S league

    Selling a guild in S league, with the crystal at cap level and all crystal skill unlocked. For more information pm me, negotiable price!
  8. SOLD  DFO Male Sader Account for 95 cap

    Edit: Lowered from $200 -> $100 Lowering it because i have like 4 more accounts to sell. (Add me on discord, if you've played the game you probably know me, just post it below and ill add you) Easily make a lot of gold and sell endgame content when you gear a sader in 95 cap! The strongest...
  9. SOLD  EU, 752CP, mNB, mSorc, stDK, tankDK cap, actual gear, mounts, achiev. acc from

    $200 EU, 752 CP. All vMA weapons, 400k gold, Morrowind, Summerset. Chars: mDD NB (Mother's Sorrow + Moondanser/Siroria, all actual monster sets, gold gear); mDD sorc (Asylum weapons, Mechanical Acuity, Mother's Sorrow, Julianos etc); stDD DK (TFS+VO/Hunding); mDD Templar (have healer sets...
  10. Selling  Alpha Cap + Gold nugget for Sale

    Selling Alpha Cap + Gold Nugget. PM or respond with offers. Paypal only, not accepting keys. Thanks :) [/IMG]
  11. 95 MIL SP character wh farm machine Cap Pilot Moros Nyx Rattlesnake

    95 MIL SP character wh farm machine Cap Pilot Moros Nyx Rattlesnake http://i.imgur.com/xEZZrTD.jpg I want to 350 but I'll take any good offer character will be sold in the near future I will not sell it for a long time character can be sold also in other trading platform only...
  12. SOLD  Rocket League ACC with Gold Rush + Cap (Alpha rewards) + Gold Crown (Season 1) - 800$

    Rocket League ACC with Gold Rush + Cap (Alpha rewards) + Gold Crown (Season 1) - 800$ Hello, i've played Rocket League for less than 250 hours on my laptop tho it doesnt even run at 60fps, not even at lowest settings. I have both Gold Cap (Alpha exclusive cap Reward) and Gold Rush (Alpha...
  13. Selling  █ █ QUICK SELL:: CAP 40 'Seargant' :: 13USD CITADEL█ █

    █ █ QUICK SELL:: CAP 40 'Seargant' :: 13USD CITADEL█ █ Quick selling CAP 40 'Seargant legendary weapon for 13USD >>CITADEL<< Add me on skype
  14. thread closed and renamed

    thread closed and renamed
  15. Buying  WTB EU founder Account with max Cap (creation 9.7-14.7)

    Looking for an founder account that has max cap available (creation between 9.7-14.7), the lower are preferred. Some unspent Argents can also added to the end price :).
  16. Selling an account with 2 lv 77s!

    I am selling an account with a -lv 77 Bear name is (Player) 93k pve kills 2.5k pvp kills 500 ctf kills -lv 77 Bird name is (Welr) 84k pve kills 7k pvp kills 2k ctf kills -lv 76 mage name is (xbur) 42k pve kills 1k pvp 1k ctf -lv 75 Fox name is (Zhypee) 35k pve kills 1k pvp kills 1k ctf kills...