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call of antia

  1. Selling CoA Account

    Hello everyone, i'm selling my Call of Antia account. Unffortunatly, i'm having some health problems, and i need money to pay my treatments. I love the game, and i was enjoying a lot but i have to take care of myself. Idk how this trade thing works but i'm selling my 380k account with 44 5*...
  2. Selling  COA, call of antia 650k power account

    655k power accoun 129 heroes good teams top 1-2 arena top alliance if u need screens write me in telegram @pablo999a, offer your price ~500$
  3. Call of Antia 600k+ Whale account $25k invested

    The account is almost a year old and has 23 fully awakened 5* heroes and 43 fully awakened 4* heroes MANY with max talents. 52 5*, 48 4*, 130 heroes total. Max DM’s, amazing rune power with 2+ sets of level 10 multi-stat runes and all other runes are level 7+. Over 600k power easily #1 in...
  4. Selling  Call of Antia world 15 210k power for only 100€

    Hello I’m selling my call of Antia account I have spend a lot of time and some money also. I’m playing since the beginning of the server so the account has a good potential to be on top 5. Details: -lvl55 -power:202k -heros:73 -server:S.575 -campaign:27-4
  5. Selling  Selling Call of Antia account lvl60 230K power $50!!

    Hello I’m selling my personal COA account. I’m in a dire need to accumulate money to purchase the love of my life an engagement ring. I spent almost $2000 on this account and I’m just looking to sell this account to put some money towards a beautiful ring. I am the original owner of this...
  6. Selling  Call of Antia lvl 60 account for sale.

    Currently up for sale lvl60 account on s14. 300 GBP after currency conversion sent by bank transfer or paypal. No offers more then a bargain. Plenty room left for improvements Some campaign to complete/tower and hero builds to upgrade. 20 5* heros. Some are +1 Wanda +2 Easy rank 1 in arena if...
  7. COA Acc (97 heroes) (Palmyra +5, Sigmund +4, Many ascended 5 stars)

    I'm selling my account because I won't have much time in the future to spend in the game. I'm completely open to offers so you can contact me if you'd like to make one. Since it's an IOS account, I can't link a gmail to it but I made a facebook account exclusive to the account, the information...
  8. Selling  Call of Antia Account for Sell !! Lvl 48 might 121050 server 231

    Selling my call of antia account with 8 5 star Heroes and 36 4 star Heroes ☺️ And many more for details look at the pictures MM fee pays the buyer only PayPal For more infos contact me here or in discord MS7#1764
  9. SOLD  Call of Antia ACC (88 heroes), 20 heroes (between lvl 190 and 150)

    I’m selling my main account since I’ve been too busy to continue playing. I’m open to offers so contact me if there are any questions. Account and gmail linked will both be provided. 24 five-star heroes (a few with their awakening) 34 four-star heroes (a few fully awakened and some partially...
  10. SOLD  Sell acc on the server 548 Call of Antia

    16 legendary heroes (with copyes) 1 upgraded legendary artefact. 3 best exclusive weapons. Price 150€ (548 server) Free mail.
  11. Call of Antia endgame account (Most heroes, weapons, runes. Top-10 Arena)

    Greetings, Call of Antia lover! I'm selling my account on which I have played from the beta version of the game (since August 2021), and spent a lot of money and time. Sadly, now I don't have much time - that's why I've decided to sell it. If you want to save your time and be one of the top-10...