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buying fortnite account

  1. F

    Buying  FA Galaxy Account With Lots of Skins (60+)

    Hey folks, I'm in the market for a FA (full access) Fortnite account that has the Galaxy skin on it alongside a lot of other item shop skins, (60+). It *has* to be link-able to an Xbox One account, meaning it couldn't had been linked previously. If you have an account for sale, hit me up and we...
  2. J

    Looking to buy a black knight account that I can merge to Xbox.

    Needs to be mergable to Xbox. Budget is 100 dollars because I just want to merge [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] exoticechoo
  3. Quick Garde

    Buying  Buying Your RARE Accounts! S1+ S2 + Halloween | Instant Buying |

    Im looking for all OG Accounts with the following Season 1 (Renegade Raider, Aerial, Recon) , Season 2 and Halloween Skins (Ghoul Trooper & OG Skulltrooper) Also buying Recon Expert Must come with ORIGINAL EMAIL! Contact me on Discord: Quick G#3134 Middleman ONLY
  4. B

    Looking for a fortnite account (has to include black knight)Hello , first time

    Hello , first time using this forum. I'm looking for a decent fortnite account with Black knight and love ranger and preferably other skins , like atleast 10+ legendry skins. Most importantly , it has to have full email access because I can't change that. I use PC. Comment below or add me on...
  5. M

    Buying  Buying Account With Skull Trooper and Rare skins.

    Add me on Discord at Trizz#3193 and we can discuss prices. I can go up to $550. We will be using a Middle Man if you don't go first! HAS to have either a skull/ghoul trooper and Christmas skins! You will have to show me full proof that you own the account! SERIOUS SELLERS ONLY!
  6. J

    Buying Fortnite Account (Read Desc)

    Looking for a fortnite account with lots of skins. If you have one for sale just msg me with proof that its yours and pics of skins, etc. I'll discuss price if I'm interested but for now I this is as specific as I can be. I'll be interested if its skins that I like. If you have an account with...
  7. M

    Buying  Buying Account w/ either a Skull Trooper/Ghoul Trooper and Christmas Skins

    Add me on Discord at Trizz#3193 and we can discuss prices. I can go up to $350. HAS to have either a skull/ghoul trooper! SERIOUS SELLERS ONLY!
  8. J

    Buying  Buying fortnite account with Black Night, Red Night, BP2-3 MAXED,

    I am looking to buy a fortnite account with Black Night, Red Night, and S2 & 3 battlepasses maxed out. Other skins will add more to my offer! Save The world would be a great addition as well. If you have any of these, msg me on discord with your price and we can nagotiate and come to an...
  9. D

    Buying  Looking to buy account with merry marauder, snorkel ops, and shadow ops

    Those are all my favorite skins and I have 2/3 of them but I NEED that merry Maurader, willing to pay around $100 for it... Ill go first if you’re highly reputabley. Want to use a middleman tho
  10. F

    Buying  Buying An Account With Christmas Skins, Black Knight, Red Knight, And More

    Basically I am looking for an account with a lot of skins including the Christmas skins, (Gingerbread man, Crackshot, etc) Black and Red Knight, and a bunch of other skins including, -Raven -Black Knight -Red Knight -Love Ranger -Rex -John Wick -Crackshot -Gingerbread Man -Good mixture of...
  11. V

    Buying  Halloween/Christmas Skins | Max 2/3 Battle Pass

    Before contacting me with your account please make sure that it fulfills the criteria below: Must Have (I will NOT entertain your offer if it does not fit the below description) -Halloween Skin(s) or Christmas(1) - (At least one skin from one of the events) -The Reaper Skin -Black Knight Skin...
  12. 3

    Buying  Buying Fortnite Account! :: Sellers Read

    I’m interested in purchasing a Fortnite account with numerous skins, back blings, and pickaxes! I would like an account with skins from previous seasons as well as Halloween and/or Christmas. MUST HAVE: Scythe harvesting tool.. I would also like the account to not be linked to an Xbox Gamertag...