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boss carrier

  1. Selling  CHEAP acc NA Reboot 7k legion TB lvl 260 32k stats

    contacto de discord: CapsuleCorp#9571 if the post has been updated it is because it is available A/W 1.1k
  2. Selling  Na Reboot Boss Carrier | Fast run | High DropRate

    Welcome to my Bossing Service My Drop gear source: 394%(200% base + 100% familiars, 20% wap, 50% legion coupon and 24% dhs) with greed pendant Im running around reset till reset +6(ingame), just add my discord for more information Discord: thaivu1212#5977 Method of Payment: Paypal F&F...
  3. Selling  NA Reboot / Boss carries Up to BM / Totem Service

    Hlotus / HDamien - $15 each / $20 both HLucid / HWill - $25 each / $40 both CGloom/VHilla/HDarknell/CSlime - $30 each / $60 both BM - $210 S>Totem Black Heart, Berserked, Magic Eyepatch, Source of Suffering, Cursed Spellbook, Commanding Force Earrings, Endless Terror, Dreamy Belt - $50...
  4. Selling  [Global] Daily activities, Weeklies, Vykas or Valtan, etc

    Are you out of time for daily activities? Hire me and I will be doing everything you need with daily updates. You can contact me through discord: sadicwin32#4522 ( No nitro and ID is: 140237113097584640) or EpicNPC. Daily activities consists of: Chaos dungeon (CD) Guardian Raids (GR)...
  5. S- Leveling Services, Dailys,Event. Boss Carrier Chaos/Hard, Farming Mesos

    Hello! Glad you here, im lvl 235 Wild Hunter Scania only Boss Carrier, the rest of the servers i can do the others services, leveling legion, level, farming mesos, daily quest/events, prequest.šŸ˜Š