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  1. Selling  Selling Iron and boon team

    Selling iron and boon team Price for each item (USD) Iron: $200 Boon: $170 of coz price is always negotiable if u keen I can let go free and easy
  2. SOLD  Dofus & Dofus Retro Kamas (Ilyzaelle/Boune)

    52mk on Ilyzaelle for 1.6€/mk. Sold all for 1.6€/mk, market still healthy. 7mk on Boune for 14€/mk. Ended up selling all for 10.5€/mk. If interested in buying or discussing the price (could go lower if buying all at once), feel free to message me either on EpicNPC Chat or Discord: Pokerotas#5061.
  3. SOLD  Dofus & Dofus Retro accounts (Ilyzaelle/Echo/Boune)

    If interested, feel free to message me (either on EpicNPC Chat or Discord: Pokerotas#5061) to discuss the accounts, their price (looking for offers) or to get more information and images about them. All accounts are certified with secret question/answer and a phone number, will be able to change...