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  1. SWG Infinity + Bloodfin + Credits + Accounts + Rare Items

    New to EPICNPC // Experienced in WoW and ArcheAge Selling Communities Legitimate Seller Add on Skype [email protected] Please do not share your game credentials or characters in public :: only on Skype with me privately for trade of items Credit Stock SWGemu Infinity :: 130m ($6 per m)...
  2. Swgemu flurry, basilisk, bloodfin = credits / res crates / adk / legendary loo

    Now selling Credits in 5M Batches ($20 per 5M) on all three Pre-CU servers (Basilisk, Flurry and Bloodfin) Selling Anti Decay Kits $20 each Selling Resource Crates $20 each Selling Legendary Weapons (insane stats) and making to order Please specify the weapon and we will check stock
  3. SOLD  BLOODFIN CREDITS! $5 per 1m

    As the title suggests, I am selling credits on the SWG Bloodfin Emu server. Prices per million credits are (approx): $5 €4.75 £3.65 About me: Private Seller - unaffiliated with east Asian Sweatshops! Based in the EU Credits have been legitimately earned in game and not obtained...