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beast bleach brave souls account

  1. A

    SOLD  Beast endgame pvp Seat 3 11tybw+ 4cfyow over 20 Link slot Up+ 5Gold & 1000orbs

    #WTS Semi-Endgame + 1000 Orbs Ready 10 TYBW & 4 CFYOW 3 PVP Char w/ AVG atk 2000+ 4 Golden Over 20+ Chara Upgrade Link Slot Easy clear Senkaimon Quest More Pict Cheap Price & Negotiable!!
  2. O

    SOLD  Best PvP trio,amazing units 9+ fully linked /4 Gold 120$ Klab linked only!!

    the account has an overall nice pvp team can easily get to 3rd seat+ lots of 10/10/10 and a few not sloted all the way, has best possible rolls on all gold accessories and regular accessories SP/ATT +30% and best links for all, looking to sell or trade for a nice whale account of equal value or...
  3. A

    SOLD  Beast Mid Game Acc with 7 Gold Accesories and 7 tybw Char + 4 cfyow for cheap

    #WTS 350+ Day Login Acc (Mid Game) 7 TYBW Char + 2 CFYOW 4/5 PVP Character 6 Golden Accesories Price negotiable 👍 PM if you interested Link Slot Upgrade: Chad: 10/10/10 Nnoi: 10/10/10 Toshiro: 10/6/7 Yama: 10/5/5 Yami: 5/1/1 Mugetsu: 5/5/2 Unohana: 5/0/0 PM me on Discord: IchiGOD#2497...
  4. E

    SOLD  Sold

  5. E

    SOLD  Beast farmed/ boosted account semi fresh

    Hi, i'm selling this amazing account. + 70000 potions + 80000 Droplets + 95000 xp crystal + 1 x gold acces blue It is linked to a klab id. It was linked to a facebook dummy account (deleted 3 years ago) Look my feedback to see how i'm serious 😉. Only Paypal ( Family friend)
  6. S

    Selling  BEAST bbs account 11/14 TYBW + golden acces - many top tiers + rare chara

    Hello Everyone, no longer have the time to play actively on this account, I put it on sales, there is above: - Rare Characters - TYBW 11/14 ( the missing ones are Rukia - Renji - Ichigo Shikai ) Anniversary : Ichigo 2nd Anniversary, Ulquiora 3rd Anniversary Spécial : Ichigo Quincy AND MANY...
  7. S

    SOLD  Beast Whale Account - Yhwach/Retsu/Chad 10/10/10 PvP team, tons of 6* char

    Looking to sell my beast account, i have many of the best characters plus the best 3 pvp characters all lvl 200 and 10/10/10d. (yhwach/retsu/chad) Lots of accessories with great secondaries. Account can complete senkaimon + ordeals easily. Spent a LOT on this game so PM me serious offers...
  8. A

    Selling  Over powered 82 days old account!

    Here is the new account you definitely want to start or restart your BBS game with. This account is 82 days old but there is still story to do, events (raids and raids characters to max out) also i have a lot of characters still waiting to be maxed out! you can reach 170% sp(max spiritual...
  9. dkbk2004

    SOLD  Awesome Beast Fresh :: Quincy Ichgio, Tybw Retsu, New Aizen, Chad + New Units!

    Awesome Beast Fresh :: New Ichgio, Tybw Retsu, New Aizen, Chad + New Units! PVP Team Ready: > TYBW Retsu, Blue Chad, Heart Orihime > Tybw Retsu > Blue Chad > New Quincy Ichigo > New Red Aizen > New Luppi > New Tesla > TT Ichigo > Heart Orihime > Heart Uryu > ++ More Story is fresh Comment...