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bbs beast acc

  1. D

    Selling  Beast bbs account with 3 gold acc and anni ichigos 70$

    Beast account with all the new characters and also CYOW characters and manga. Lots or recourses and 3 gold accessories. Have both new anniversary ichigos. Story still to farm and lots of orbs to still get. Looking for 70$ or you can send you your best offer. Discord : Manuj#5504
  2. K

    Trading  Bbs accoumt for optc global

    . As the title says i am searching for someone that is willing to trade a global optc account it has to be endgame with tm characters and many legends since my account is endgame too with great characters .Also open to offers ;) Have a great day !!!
  3. Z

    10/14 Manga+4/6 CFYOW+8 Gold Accesories+ tybw unohana+cfyow nntoria+chad

    Send me offers in discord and I'll send pics of the account! Discord:bbs#5849
  4. N

    Selling  Beast account with strong PvP and PvE chars

    Nnoitrra with golden chappy 2x yama Many strong pve and fast gq champs Many maxed accessoires Pm with offers
  5. O

    SOLD  BBS account 35€ played for like an year

    Yeah so im seeling my account its not like the best account but has an caracter to clear each content nowadays it has like a ton of orbs to get from story etc since i barely farmed still has the co op orbs too , it and has an pvp team that can easily go 3 seat+ im just doing this cause dont...
  6. A

    Selling  Selling high-mid game account with really strong char/Story 80% fresh !

    Hey ! I'm selling my account, everything you want to know about it is in this screen : Account BBS PayPal only in F&F method, you can add me on Discord (Aky#8847) ! I'm safe seller, you can check my profil. :)
  7. G

    Insane BBS Account with only 500 login days: 30+ max link slotted characters

    Selling Another BBS Account This is for 600 USD negotiable Please contact me here or on discord: ITACHI#2335 PayPal Payment only (Friends and Family Option Only)
  8. F

    SOLD  BBS End Game Account (NA)

    Dont want to play anymore, so selling it to make some money :) Quick sell! Price - 135 USD Paypal Only (F&F) You can contact me faster on discord @ Kai-Sama#4143 BBS Account <---- Link to pics
  9. G

    Endgame: Beast PVP, plenty link slotted and over 1000 character completion

    I'm selling my endgame BBS Account The account is showcased below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvSBthw4tNU It has plenty of link slotted characters and one of the best PVP teams out there. High GQ Top Score also to get into S rank guilds. Contact me via PM or discord: ITACHI#2335 Open to...
  10. G

    Selling  One of the best accounts there is lots of golden accessories and TYBW Chars

    10/10 story some side-stories not done Here are all the thing on this acc ask if you wanna see more ^-^
  11. B

    Selling  Boss Store Super Discount Time CYOFW round 2 / new update

    Welcome to BOSS Store guys , first of all i want to use paypal but my country prevented access to paypal so i want to steam gift card we can use middleman but you would have to pay for it ALL ACCOUNTS UPDATE 07.06.2019 accounts : acc 160 : https://postimg.cc/gallery/go3z32rw/...