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  1. Nxp

    Selling  Whale END game account | 9 Gold accessories | 2 TeaCups | 10 5/5 Characters 🔥

    Welcome! Hello guys, Today i bring you this unreal end game account. It has only done a small part of the Main and Side stories! A long with those it has many many characters still to max level, So the Orb potential is massive! Plus not only that, to start you off it comes with 1,200 Orbs...
  2. Nxp

    SOLD  WHALE End game account! 5/5 Tybw Ichibe | 7 Golds 🔥On Sale!!

    Welcome! Selling my BEAST end game whale account! It has plenty of stories left to finish, characters to max and resurrect. The orb potential is through the roof! This account has some major outstanding features! Such as - UPDATE: Account now has 1,000+ Orbs! Account Information - ⚬ 5/5 Max...
  3. S

    Selling Whale BBS account with 10k Orbs Source

    Selling my Whale account because I don't have time to play the game and want to got some money back : I have 23/26 TYBW characters (All zero squat characters ), 11/15 CFYOW, and some seasonal characters The account still have 10k orbs source ( 7k from 4* characters, 1k from 5* raid characters...
  4. Nxp

    SOLD  ⚔️ Head Captain ⚔️ Godly end game account! 1030+ characters | 3.5+ years old

    Today i bring you hands down one of the Biggest end game accounts i have ever sold, My main account. This account is ready for anything type of content you seek, weather it be PvP or PvE orientated. As you can see the account is currently sitting in the highest PvP Rank Head Captain! It can do...
  5. Nxp

    SOLD  Whale end game account | Ready for anything | Price Reduced today only! 🔥

    Hey guys, Below is one of my beast whale accounts. Ready for any content! It was sitting in seat 3 for a long time before i started to stop Pvping. Has 3 familiars, Can do any type of PvE content you want ! Enough link slot potions to max any character you'd like and 5 gold accessories! Payment...
  6. Nxp

    SOLD  HUGE Whale account 5 Gold chappies | 14 maxed 10/10/10 | 28k pots | 5/5 charcs

    Selling this Huge end game Beast account! This account is ready for anything, It has the best PvP characters and the best PvE characters. It still has 70% of the story to complete so there are still many Orbs to gain and characters to unlock! Account Info - Available - 15 TYBW Characters - 9...
  7. Nxp

    SOLD  Huge Beast End-game account | 5 golds | 31k potions | 11+ 10/10/10 chars 🔥

    This huge end game account is one of my personal ones, it can complete anything you need to including all towers. It has a ton of resources, a Bunch of new characters, Best PvP Team with the best PvE Characters. Has a ton of link slot potions, 1000's of Epic Raid medals for all Epic Raids. This...
  8. Nxp

    SOLD  Mid-game Account - 11 TYBW | 4 CFYOW | 200 characters to max | $30

    Selling this Mid-Game account Account #1 - ACC018 - Available -$60 $40 TODAY! - Mid-Game Account - 11 TYBW Characters - 4 CFYOW Characters - Nearly 200 Characters to max (Heaps of Orbs to get) - Heaps of Sub stories still to do
  9. Nxp

    SOLD  Huge farmed account | 53k Potions | 10.3k Orbs! | CFYOW | TYBW | 7 golds

    Selling this WHALE of an account plus a few extras on sale!! Account #1 - BEAST - SOLD!!!!! This account is a one of a kind account. Set up for any PvP or PvE content you need it for. It will not last long so get in quick! Huge WHALE of an account! Information: - - 10,300 Orbs! Thats right...
  10. Nxp

    Fresh Account | New Final Ichigo + Speed chad

    Fresh account ready to go, New Ichigo + Speed chad and few other 5 stars
  11. O

    A good account, gq S rang, 6 gold accessories!

    A good account, you can safely take in the GQ 178 to low, most of the accessories for 30 SP, a lot of pumped links. Also a lot where you can take the balls characters and accessories: bond and crystals: history and bindings: (there's klab, Facebook and Google. binding is not lost) if you...
  12. B

    Selling  BOSS Store 14.03.2019 update

    Welcome to BOSS Store guys , first of all i want to use paypal but my country prevented access to paypal so i want to steam gift card we can use middleman but you would have to pay for it ALL ACCOUNTS UPDATE 14.03.2019 accounts : https://postimg.cc/gallery/ufzlto30/ prices : acc 1 : 30 $...
  13. K

    Selling  Anni Ichigo & Ulqiorra/All Manga except Yhwach and Shunsui/2 Golden Acessoires

    Anni Ichigo & Ulqiorra/All Manga except Yhwach and Shunsui/2 Golden Acessoires Yo, i am selling my 350 login days acc. At the moment there is no specific price, so add me in discord: KingEspada#8823 or skype: espada.amv and we can discuss about it. ACC - https://imgur.com/a/DNmqvoY