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bang dream 3 page 4*

  1. Selling  BanG Dream JP Whale Account | 40$

    BanG Dream Whale Account 40$ #Needy_Addy_BD Cards is in the pictures below (on the attached one) 👇 This is an endgame account so everything is amazing! i only take with paypal do direct or using epicnpc's midman! I don't accept any other midman out there!! Only epicnpc's midman! also my...
  2. Selling  Jpdori ACC | PastelPalettes Focusing | only 45$ (very cheap)

    JPDORI PASTEL*PALETTES ENDGAME ACC #NEEDY_ADDDY_BD • 5/5 Bands : - Poppin Happy - Pastel All Type - HHW Happy • 4/5 Bands : - Roselia Power • 3/5 Bands : - Afterglow Pure - Roselia Pure - HHW Power - Morfonica Happy - Morfonica Cool Card Limited, Kf and df check the screenshots Cards is...
  3. SOLD  Jpdori OP starter | only 35$

    Cards is in the pictures below 👇 i only take with paypal do direct or using epicnpc's midman! I don't accept any other midman out there!! Only epicnpc's midman! also my discord : alterra27 the price is 35$ via PayPal
  4. Global/EN Bang Dream 123 ⭐4 & Paid stars

    Dm my Instagram for more details @yourbailu
  5. Bandori JP 13 5*, 64 4* + T100 Title

    Has 5* Tae, Arisa, Maya, Chisato, Nanami, Ako, Tomoe, Ran, Mashiro, Aya, Kasumi, Kaoru, Kirafes Tae and 64 4*'s Looking for 60$ Discord : Please Ty#3469
  6. SOLD  [JPdori] Rush Sale 20$ for 70*4 + 6*5

    For more information about this account, you can see in the attach photos or DM me discord : ᚱᛁᛞᚺᛟ ᛒᚨᚷᚢᛋ ᚺᛁᛞᚨᚤᚨᛏ#4448 or Fukin' Lana#5078
  7. Selling  Bandori JP Rank 246 with 99 SSR

    [99 SSR] 「AMS」 Spesial Birthday [Happy] Kasumi Spesial Birthday [Pure] Kasumi Kirameki Fest [Happy] Kanon Kirameki Fest [Power] Pareo Dream Fest [Pure] Masuki Dream Fest [Pure] Kanon Dream Fest [Happy] Arisa Dream Fest [Power] Hina Dream Fest [Pure] Yukina Dream Fest [Happy] Kokoro Dream Fest...
  8. Selling  en have rare chara event | 90$

    Payment : - Paypal ( FnF Methods ) - Cryptocurrency For detailed info you can check the picture If you interested, you can DM Me Here or On Discord LaLafuCAT#1615 (Without Nitro)
  9. SOLD  JP lvl 167 I 90☆4 | Full Persona,Toaru Railgun Zombieland saga Re zero | $50

    Douzo.. douzo. Mitte Kudasai.. Bandori JP Account End Game. 90☆4 Very detail in images Price : $50 Payment : paypal / All Crypto / Shoppey Pay / Gopay / bank Indonesia/Singapure I accept paypal f&f & g&s If you want use MM epicnpc Fee MM from Buyer if you are interested Contact Me : Line ...
  10. Selling  bandori account 83 FOUR STARS

    SELLING FOR AMAZON GIFT CARD — make your offer! i no longer play so i’d like to sell it. Discord is silly#4206 if needed for further contact — if this account is posted anywhere elsewhere but here, it is not me JPN SERVER / RANK 163 extremely well maintained from 2020-2021. technically end...
  11. Selling  EN/WW Urgently selling 104 4* whale account (19 lims, 2 collab) to buy meds

    Currently trying to buy insulin vials before my current one runs out, but as a broke college student, it isn't that easy hahahaha. They currently retail for $150-300, but my pharmacy charges $250 a vial SELLING THIS ACCOUNT FOR $150-200, OR OFFER A PRICE. Account has happy premium box, so...
  12. Selling  WHALE BANDORI (99x4*) x cheap

    Selling this whale account for cheap or trading for a twisted wonderland account. My discord is medea#9748 and instagram @eastconcertc