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ayato & hanna futsu

  1. SOLD  RUSHSELL 37x5 4 with their BiS

    ACT FAST BEFORE IT'S TAKEN Complete account access with no broken links Associated with a placeholder email, transferable to the buyer Asking price $90 - VERY VERY CHEAP Payment preference: Paypal F&F DM me for more information^^ (builds, pictures, details, proof of ownership, etc.)...
  2. SOLD  AR60 51x5⭐ 45-lvl90 Chars 8xChars with Signature Weapon

  3. Selling  (na) 75x5 baal c2 engulf shenhe c2 calamity hutao c1 homa and much more

    Selling genshin impact account no dead links full access dummy email linked banner no guaranteed price 500$ negotiable payment methods paypal fnf/crypto discord Giuliana#1498
  4. Trading  WTS/WTT ayato+bis/KazuhaC1 and more

    WTT/WTS Ayato+bis Kazuha c1 jean Sumeru unexplored AR50 PM offers Accepting starters if has raiden+bis
  5. SOLD  (na) 46x5 ayaka c2 mist/ganyu c1 amos yoimiya thundering pulse yelan aqua

    Selling genshin impact account no dead links full access banner guaranteed pity 41 decents builts in characters price 300$ negotiable payment method paypal fnf crypto discord Giuliana#1498
  6. genshin ar 59 (ayato, ganyu, kokomi with bis)

    ASIA - AR 59 5 stars;; (22 inc cons) C3 Keqing C1 Diluc C1 Qiqi C1 Kamisato Ayato (triple crown) Jean Mona Kaedehara Kazuha (triple crown) Xiao (double crown) Kokomi (triple crown) Yoimiya Zhongli Tartaglia Eula Aloy Tighnari Ganyu 5* weapons;; (7) 2x Skyward Blades, Both R1 Everlasting...
  7. SOLD  Na 37x5 cyno bis/yoimiya bis/kazuha bis/ayaka c2

    Selling genshin impact account No dead link Bday unset (rare) Email unset User set Price 250$ Payment methods Paypal f&f/Crypto Discord Giuliana#1498
  8. Selling  50 AR | Ayato + Haran Geppaku Futsu BiS, Ayaka, Cyno, Keqing, Atlas

    CHEAP PRICE Contact me if you are interested! My discord: rozendie.#3948 F2P Account with NO Binds! 50AR | Ayato + Haran Geppaku Futsu BiS, Ayaka, Cyno, Keqing, Atlas 5⭐️p: Ayato, Kamisato Ayaka, Cyno, Keqing 5⭐️w: Signature Haran Geppaku Futsu, Skyward Atlas
  9. Selling  NA ar 58 - Rare Lisa C6 Amber C5 account + Raiden Yelan Ayato Yae Kazuha

    AR 58 - End Game Account with rare Lisa C6 and Amber C5 Very well build characters. Low exploration rate at Underground Mines, Sumeru and Chasm. Collectors Constelations *Lisa C6* *Amber C5* *Kaeya C3* 5* Zhongli C1 Ganyu C0 + Amo's Bow (Signature) Yae Miko C0 + Kagura (Signature) Raiden...
  10. SOLD  (na) 58x5 ayato c5+ haran/qiqi c6/hutao c1 homa/ayaka mistplliter and more

    Selling genshin impact account no dead links full acess ar 60! well maintained abyss 36* easy price 500$ payment methods paypal f&f, crypto wester union/zelle im not original owner i accetp trade guardian buyer pays fee discord Giuliana#1498
  11. SOLD  Itto + bis ayato + bis 50EUR

    Selling this account for 50 EUR Paypal F&F Xiangling and Yanfei c6 NO negotiation Dm me for any info about the account NGF unless you are a trusted member (mm on your end)
  12. SOLD  (na) 70x5 all most characters+ many signature weapons only missing kazuha/xiao

    Selling genshin impact account no dead links full access) many signature weapons well maintained complete receipts buy price 900$ payment methods paypal f&f, wester union/zelle/crypto i accept trade guardian buyer pays fee discord Giuliana#1498
  13. SOLD  (na) 56x5 complete characters+ many signature weapons whale account!

    Selling genshin impact account no dead links full access complete receipts well maintained Buying price: $800 but I accept offers It will be played every day until it is sold i accept exchanges + money Payment methods paypal f&f/crypto/wester union/zelle i accept trade guardian buyer...
  14. Selling  Endgame AR58 | Ayaka + Mistsplitter Reforged | Ayato + Haran Geppaku Futsu

    ⭐Account Info ⭐ Original Owner Female Character Can change to the costumer email/cellphone 5⭐Characters: Hu Tao C0 Xiao C0 Eula C0 Raiden Shogun C0 Diluc C1 Itto C0 Keqing C1 Ayato C0 Tartaglia C0 Venti C0 QiQi C1 Sangonomiya Kokomi C0 Mona C1 Ayaka C0 4⭐Characters: Razor C4 Bennett C4...
  15. Selling  AR 25 Ayato Harran Hutao

    selling for 30 USD Discord: ABCD#0884 https://gyazo.com/1e0dadedf9b50ae49f556d5f769f9fb4 https://gyazo.com/e675c88518b18eb6447d94296bf6c808
  16. SOLD  Ar56 22x5 na, Inazuma Girls 100$

    Hello, I am selling this genshin account from the America server, it has a psn account but I can give it without problems, I ask for $100 but I am open to negotiation the payment would be through PayPal or crypto, I will only make the transaction with an Epic intermediary paid by you any...
  17. SOLD  /Selling Genshin account for yelan/yae

    Okay I got back into genshin so im trading this account for a good genshin account! (mostly lf god build yae + bis and yelan + bis but other offer are welcome too) I can also sell but only for 150 EURO
  18. SOLD  (na) 28x5 Ayato haran/hutao c1 homa/ganyu amos/ayaka jade cutter /zhongli/baal

    Selling genshin account no dead links full access ar 59 Lots of resources, well maintained account clean Price 200$ payment methods paypal f&f /crypto I accept trade guardian buyer paid fee! any question dm me in discord or epicnpc Giuliana#1498
  19. Selling  Cashapp only For sale! Female traveller ar 25 eu ayato + bis with mona on NA

    Selling eu ar 25 Unset birthday Kamisato Ayato + Haran geppaku futsu Also has Mona on NA
  20. SOLD  (na) 20x5 ayato haran/hutao homa/tartaglia/ayaka/ventii/zhongli 100$

    selling genshin impact account no dead links full access lunsar blessing active ar 59 price 100$! payment methods paypal /crypto discord Giuliana#1498
  21. Selling  NA Ayato + Hjaran Geppaku Futsu + Jade cutter 40$ AR7 fmc

    Discord: HTSStore#1888 email unlinked/original owner Payment method : paypal FnF / ethereum / crypto usdt 40$ first year anniversary wings and Resonant Melody + Windsong lyre + wind-blessed harpastum + Windblume Festival ballon Check my other accounts here...
  22. Selling  Starter Limited 5* and their Signature/5* weapon 🌸 start from $5 - have Ganyu

    Hi there, I am Saber_Dc, seller of some gacha games, I'm here to sell some starter Genshin account with Limited 5star and their signature weapon so don't hesitate to message me here or my Discord, I'll be happy to serve you ^^ All my accounts only have usernam + password because created from 1.0...