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awakened seo yoon

  1. SOLD  [Global Endgame ] 8/9 awakened

    Been playing extremly casually after launch. Not really interested in keeping up with the game anymore. Have decent amount of skins also Missing only Yuu Mina out of the banner awakened units. Also have saved up 1 selector and lot of dupes for rearms Hit me up with offers in dms or disocrd...
  2. SOLD  [Global] endgame acc with ASY, LSY, Hilde, Yuna, Mina, Lee Jisoo

    Selling for $70 Wise/any Indonesian local payment methods, negotiable Lv.59 Counter:Side account with many great SSRs and decent gears sets. Account is still being played everyday, some details might change. If you have any questions feel free to chat me in Discord @Syn#0428
  3. Selling  $30 Still Negotiable SEA 4x Awakened Characters

    Price is still negotiable, just DM me on discord for your price. PM me on Discord Syntax#7342 for additional information you may have. Account is linked to Google Account. Paypal Payment only.