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arknight *35

  1. SOLD  global*account Arknight__starter Lvl49* 5$

    Arknight starter star*11 Price: 5$ My discord is Samuel_Merlin#9569 for more information Payment Method : paypal (fnf)
  2. [SELLING] LVL 161, (34) 6*s

    Hi! I'm finished with gaming so I'm hoping to sell a beloved acc. LEVEL 161 EPISODE 9-21 34 SIX STARS COMPLETED BASE SKINS 2 id name changes Payment: negotiable, LF $200, VIA PAYPAL OR BANK contact: [email protected] OR I am more active on discord via. fine#4229
  3. Selling  (Global) Wts Arknight 35 6* End Game

    Want to sell Arknight End Game acc 35*6 minus 3 limited character nian, ling, Nearl alter (total 8 limited *6) all story clear and paid plus free skin total 69 ( 31 paid skin ) missed several free skin and medal set too but some of them will get rerun in the future lot of m3 especially for 6* an...
  4. SOLD  AK EN Lv. 97 35 6* Have All Limited except Skadi Alter

    Hello, kurniawan here. Contact me on : - Discord : kurniawan0500#8985 (fast response) - WA : 08986790780 (fast response) for more detail Online time: 06.00 WIB - 20.00 WIB Indonesia's time (GMT+7) Code: AK021(Please DM me using this code) Note: The account will continue to be played until it...
  5. SOLD  WTS | endgame full meta - 33 6* ops - 4 limited

    Full Meta, Easy Clear All Stage 6*OP = 31 ex potent (50 inc potent) E2 Operator = 35+ Limited = 4 Paid Skin = 23+ Story Normal H9-5 CM Chapter 9 untouch Base Fully Upgarded Mastery List: M3 Surtr S3 Thorn S3 Weddy S2S3 Chelter S3 Bagpipe S3 Blaze S2 Mountain S2 SilverAsh S3 Ash S3...
  6. SOLD  Arknight EN f2p 35⭐6 Operator (Limited -Dusk) 51 E2, 49 Skill M3, 27 Paid Skin

    Arknight EN Endgame F2P Account Level.115 Total Operator 184 , with 51 Elite 2 Have 34 ⭐6 Operator, 72 with Potent (Without Gladia) Have 76 *5 Operator, Have Indra & Vulcan Have All Free Operator & Have All Free Skin (Except Podenco) 27 Paid Skin : Project Red, Mudrock, Eyjafjalla, Surtr...