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archon trio

  1. Selling  57 ar: Archon trio | Kazuha | Tartaglia | Xiao | Klee | Itto |

    Hey everyone! I'm selling my account to Genshin Impact. šŸ’øORIGINAL PRICE: $175šŸ’ø ā—Bargaining is appropriateā— You can transfer funds to me on PAYEER Account Description: 57 AR | 394 achievements 5ā­CHARACTERS: Numbers inside characters are talent levels 4ā­CHARACTERS: WEAPONS: ITEMS...
  2. looking to trade eu genshin accounts

    I give Eu ar56 Hu tao raiden shogun + engulfing lightning venti zhongli kokomi eula childe yoimiya klee albedo jean Diluc qiqi all fourstars constellations bennet c4 Diluc c3 Jean c2 diona c6 sucrose c6 lisa c1 Xingqiu c5 ningguang c3 Fischl c4 barbara c6 + summer...