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apex legends bangalore account

  1. SOLD  [PC] Bangalore Heirloom & Prestige Skin w/ 177 Legendary Items! + s4 bp max!

    + Level 484 + Bangalore Heirloom! + Bangalore Prestige Skin! + 177 Legendary Items! + s17 Master! + 3.21k Crafting Materials! + Event Skins & Recolors! + flatline reactive skin! + R-301 Honored Prey! + wraith night terror s2 skin! Special Badges: + s1 Wraith Elite Badge + s1 Elite Streak Badge...
  2. SOLD  500 Level S12 Diam 76 Legendary 8046 LT Kill+1841 Kill Mirage+1366 Kill Wraith

    Hello I am providing you with High Ranked Accounts.Most of the accounts are Diamond + Rank with bunch of legendries Skins. I give Lifetime Warranty for all the accounts They come with Email + pass change with secret Question and Everything...